Not All Irrigation Needs You to Think Outside the Box

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Reesink Turfcare is the new and exclusive distributor of two new irrigation 2-wire controllers, the SRC Ranger 4000 D and the SRC Grower 6000 D. Both deliver all the control you need for your irrigation system while keeping things simple yet effective.

Web-based for mobile, PC or stand-alone, these ‘boxes on a wall’ are a cost-effective, uncomplicated irrigation solution, according to Robert Jackson, water division sales manager for Reesink Turfcare, which also stocks Toro’s irrigation control systems, sprinklers and wireless technology and Otterbine pond and lake aerators: “These decoder-based 2-wire systems are straight-forward to install and use, but deliver great results,” he says.

“The Ranger has a scheduling capacity of 1-100 stations with also 10 programmes and can operate up to 12 stations simultaneously and run 10 programmes concurrently. It’s ideal for sports venues and training pitches where lower numbers of stations are required across a single visible area.”

The roll call of the Ranger’s benefits includes flow sensor capability including various alarm options, flow management with the stacking of up to 10 simultaneous programmes and a 14-day calendar run of odd or even days. It’s also fully ET capable with local and remote weather stations.

SRC is a global provider of irrigation system controls and Reesink Turfcare is delighted to be bringing the Ranger, which is described by the company as a ‘best-in-class’ controller, to the UK and Ireland. Robert continues: “Less cabling means installation is straight-forward, but there’s the option to expand later if needed giving the product longevity. For customers who need less of the reporting and detailed irrigation and are looking for a relatively simple controller that does not require a PC with multiple interaction options, but instead a wall-mounted controller that offers programmes and a more on/off approach, then this is the one for you.” 

The Grower meanwhile has a scheduling capacity of up to 200 stations and can operate up to 15 stations and five pumps simultaneously and run 10 programmes. It has flow sensor capability including various alarm options and can be used via a mobile or PC.

Robert concludes: “Both these products are a perfect fit for our product portfolio, filling a gap for easy to use, simple to install, box on the wall irrigation solutions. They’re sold as seen and in stock for immediate dispatch to our customers.” 

To find out more about the SRC Ranger 4000 D and SRC Grower 6000, contact Reesink on 01480 226800 or email