No tine to waste

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Productive aeration is as much down to the quality of the tines as it is the machine, and you won’t find better than Toro Tines for making sure no time is wasted when it comes to one of the most beneficial management practices for maintaining healthy turf.

From coring, using hollow tines, solid tine aeration, slicing or spiking, water injection cultivation, deep tine aeration, and ‘linear’ aeration, there are certain considerations that can make the process easier and more efficient to save time and money. And it all comes down to the parts you choose.

Using Genuine Toro Parts brings big benefits. Firstly, the tines are engineered and designed to fit the entire Toro ProCore range perfectly, ensuring the best results from an aeration programme. Easily snapping into place or bolting on, with Toro Tines everything is aligned so nothing operational suffers when in use.

Choosing will-fit tines can make aeration a more time-consuming job. Frequently having to replace broken or bent tines, unclogging cores while on the job and collecting awkward core debris are all common side effects of will-fit parts and having to repair damage post-aeration is laborious and hinders return to play. The best way to ensure a speedy recovery for the turf is with clean-cut holes made by tines that boast sharp edges and smooth sides – and that’s something Toro guarantees with its Tines.

Timing is vital when it comes to aeration, and it is important not to be let down in the middle of the aeration programme. The tough design of Toro Tines, including durable brazed tip joints that ensure a strong bond with in-built resistance to separation and breakage, help maintain consistent aeration depths and reduces costly change-out and associated downtime.

Toro has a tine to suit every requirement. With over 150 to choose from there’s something to suit all turf applications, soil situations and seasons. And as always, Reesink ensures parts are delivered within 24 hours of ordering, where stock is available.

As easy as all that is, there is an even easier way to make sure machinery is optimised and ready to work: Reesink’s ReeAssure servicing plans uses all Toro Genuine Parts, removes the unknowns, and makes planning easy when it comes to machinery servicing – all on a manageable fixed cost basis. The assurance that productivity is at its maximum throughout the seasons and costs are tightly controlled brings peace of mind for the ultimate in productivity and performance.

For more information, contact Reesink at or call the Turfcare Parts team on 01480 226854.