Make The Clean Choice at BTME With Toro

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Bringing together the options needed to make the clean choice for all aspects of green turfcare at BTME is Reesink Turfcare. Key machines from Toro’s ground-breaking, industry-leading, all-electric range will be on the Reesink UK stand.

Alastair Rowell, UK sales manager – turfcare equipment at Reesink Turfcare, says: “With the increase in regulations on emissions, both engine and noise, on a global level, battery-powered machines are needed to help customers address new requirements they’re up against in the industry. These machines do that, and more. Even those customers who were content with what they had are making the switch to help comply with emissions and noise restrictions while reducing their operating and maintenance costs.”

From riding and pedestrian greensmowers to utility vehicles, Toro makes making the switch to all-electric easy. Delivering all the qualities customers have come to expect from Toro such as the best quality cut and reliable service but powered by a lithium-ion battery source and at BTME are the Greensmaster 3370, the first and only all-electric riding greensmower, and the Greensmaster eFlex 1021, the battery version of a classic pedestrian mower.

Toro Greensmaster all-electric eTriFlex 3370 revolutionised the market with its charge capacity and performance to make this important technology a practical solution in a ride-on greensmower. The elimination of the engine and the regular maintenance it requires, along with operating on about 70p a day for the electricity to mow all the greens for an entire course, really start to show in the savings for an average course. Being able to start earlier and complying with low noise requirements while not disturbing local residents and golfers is an added benefit customers can’t put a price on.

The new electric Toro Greensmaster eFlex 1021 is the lithium-ion battery-powered version of the popular flex-head walk-behind Flex1021 greensmower. All the innovation of the original with patented proven Flex technology and popular telescoping handle, but powered by clean, green energy. 

Then making sure your maintenance duties are green too is the industry-leading Workman GTX Lithium-Ion electric utility vehicle. This machine with advanced lithium-ion battery technology was hugely influential in Toro’s journey towards battery power. 

Toro irrigation will also be on stand. The popular Lynx Central Control System plays a big role when it comes to sustainable irrigation. It helps customers conserve water and ensures fewer fertilisers and chemicals are washed away and when coupled with Toro’s efficient sprinklers, the ability to provide better outputs without negatively impacting the environment is only enhanced.

Representing Toro’s sprinkler range and interchangeable sprinkler head technology are the FLEX35, T5, T7 and the 590G range with precision rotating nozzles. All four can be easily upgraded to from older Toro sprinklers to get the latest technology with minimum disruption. 

Concluding the offering is Toro’s Turf Guard wireless soil monitoring system, which accurately monitors soil condition including moisture, temperature and salinity levels to maintain optimum soil and plant health.

Find all this and more on Reesink UK’s stand 420.