Investment in training is investment in machine longevity

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One of the greatest investments a customer can make in machinery is to invest in training according to Reesink Turfcare. And now there’s a new Electric Powered course meaning that no matter the power source, customers can get the best from their machinery.


Quality machinery is one of the biggest investments a club will make and needs to be safeguarded with proper training. A well-trained and attentive operating team will impact on running costs by catching things early and dealing with them at the most cost-effective point.


When it comes to mowers, Reesink offers three relevant training courses: Turfcare Mechanics to include cutting technology, the Safe Use of Ride-On Mowers and Reesink’s brand new Electric Powered Training.


Lee Rowbotham, service and training manager at Reesink UK, explains that having well-trained operators and mechanics can make machines go even further in both performance and longevity: “Reesink training provides customers with the confidence to operate and take care of their own machines so that operations can continue to run smoothly no matter what. It’s about investing in people as much as it is the machines themselves, but ultimately the two are always linked.”


With the rapid development of electric and hybrid technology, it’s important that skills and knowledge in those areas progress at an equivalent rate so that technicians and dealers can better serve their customers and the Toro product. Hence the introduction of the new course.


Lee explains: “The Electric Powered Training course covers calibration and troubleshooting in Toro electric machinery, understanding how the electric system works and how each electrical component fits into the system. It is aimed at end users who currently have electric Toro products in their fleet.”


For diesel and petrol machines, Reesink’s Turfcare Mechanics course aims to instil confidence in troubleshooting, routine servicing and setting cutting units to manufacturers specification and can bring significant savings when it comes to machinery downtime. Lee says: “It’s surprising how the areas of maintenance that generate service time or bills such as lack of greasing, contaminated fuel or oil and blocked radiators or oil coolers are relatively easily avoided.


“The training Reesink provides teaches operators and mechanics how to keep their machines in a constant state of good condition so they can do a better job on the golf course all year round.”


The Turfcare Mechanics course, designed for dedicated workshop mechanics, also covers understanding Fault Codes and Level 1 Hydraulics and Electrics fundamentals to incorporate on board machinery diagnostics, Lee says: “This course allows clubs to take effective care of their groundscare machinery, meaning machines need less time in the workshop and can spend more time on the job.”


It’s not just in-depth maintenance knowledge that Reesink’s training provides, the Safe Use of Ride-On Mowers course ensures operators are well trained on equipment and find it easy and intuitive to use. This course is ideal for new starters, giving a practical and thorough overview of operating, checking and maintaining ride-on mowing equipment.


Reesink’s training doesn’t stop at mowers; also on offer is Reesink’s Professional Sprayer Operational and Calibration training for Toro sprayers.


Course material and assessment are included in the fees, and manufacturer backed certification is provided at the end. Each of Reesink’s courses range from one to two days of training and can be conducted on an individual basis or in small groups.


Find out more about these courses to help keep machinery performing to the best of its ability to deliver the very best playing surfaces by calling 01480 226800