Greens-worth of tropical forest saved

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With regards to the last point, it made us feel really good when Healeys, our printer of choice, let us know that the latest issue of Newslines, the 12-page flagship publication for all Reesink divisions, balanced through World Land Trust the equivalent of 311kg of carbon dioxide. This enabled the World Land Trust to protect 59 metre squared of critically threatened tropical forest – that’s the equivalent of an average sized green, tennis court or the centre circle of a football pitch – and goodness does it all help!

For 28 years, Newslines has moved with the times to maintain the interest and loyalty of readers. One way of moving with the times is to ensure the production of Newslines doesn’t negatively impact the environment by ensuring the carbon emissions generated by its production are offset or ‘balanced’ by the carbon stocks saved when the World Land Trust conserves ecologically important forestry under imminent threat of clearance. The World Land Trust explains that standing forests ‘lock in’ carbon that would otherwise be released and continue to absorb carbon dioxide through their lifetime.

The initiative considers the average carbon emissions related to the manufacture of paper (cradle to gate) and we’re delighted to have contributed to its work in protecting in total over 19,000 acres of threatened habitats.

For those who didn’t catch a copy of Newslines in February’s Greenkeeper International, you can see catch up with all the latest news in the digital version here –