Give Your Mowers the Edge With Toro EdgeMax Bedknives

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And being the growing season, now’s the time to make sure your machines are in pole position to bring the best quality of cut to your greens and fairways mowers by replacing worn bedknives with Toro EdgeMax.

Brought to the UK by Reesink Turfcare, Michael Hampton, parts manager at Reesink, says: “Customers appreciate the precision engineering of Toro’s EdgeMax bedknives. They have a hardened tool steel insert for a cutting edge that exceeds industry standards to last three times longer than a standard fairway bedknife and twice as long for greens. Not only do they last longer, but the hardened steel results in 50 percent less time adjusting, backlapping, grinding and replacing, too.”

Blades that maintain their sharpness ensure a cleaner cut for optimum turf health and as the machine incurs less wear, it works more smoothly and more efficiently. What’s more, because EdgeMax bedknives last up to three times longer, parts costs are also reduced and Toro believes that this combination of longer life and reduced maintenance time can equate to long-term cost savings.

Michael continues: “With genuine Toro parts, you can be sure you’re getting first-rate parts built to fit perfectly with your cylinder mowers, with consistent hole alignment on every bedknife, steels coils and computer-controlled machining and finishing, thanks to Toro’s leading manufacturing process. With Toro EdgeMax bedknives you can be sure you’ll be replacing your bedknives quickly and without the hassle or stress of gambling on likely inferior ‘will fit’ parts.

“It’s not often that there’s a short cut to a longer, better performance, but with Toro EdgeMax bedknives there is, hence this product’s popularity with customers.”

Toro EdgeMax bedknives are available across Toro’s Greensmaster and Reelmaster ranges on models fitted with DPA (Dual Precision Adjustment) cutting units. EdgeMax bedknives bring a 9.5mm and above height-of-cut to fairways and a 1.59mm and above height-of-cut to greens.

Reesink is still open for business and teams in our service centres, warehouses and across our supply chain are working tirelessly to deliver parts for our customers.

Drop them a line at or call Spare Parts: 01480 226854