Sustainability goes beyond the power source of your machines. It's in how you maintain them, too.

With over 35 years of expertise in sustainable parts cleaning, Bio-Circle’s revolutionary cleaning system and products offer the green choice for cleaning machinery parts. Cleaning products and systems with a special focus on sustainability, occupational safety, environmental protection, and health protection.

Through Bio-Circle parts cleaning products, you can help grow your business sustainably.

Clubs can use upwards of 400-600 litres of water per hour to wash their equipment with a pressure washer. In a climate where responsible water management is paramount, Bio-Circle provides an alternative way of cleaning parts that limits this kind of wastage, which has a positive effect on a club’s finances as well as the environment.

Jon Cole of Reesink Turfcare
Jon Cole Divisional Business Manager, Reesink Turfcare
Reducing waste