Toro Workman MDX-D

  • Kubota Engine type
  • 567kg Load capacity

Technical Specs

Toro Workman MDX-D

Part of the popular and proven Toro Workman MD range of mid-duty utility vehicles, the Toro Workman MDX-D diesel unit boasts an even more powerful performance and added endurance, thanks to its engine’s higher torque and improved fuel efficiency.

The MDX-D’s 600cc Kubota diesel engine is liquid-cooled, providing longer engine life than petrol models. And with the vehicle’s continuous variable transmission (CVT) belt-drive transmission design, the unit delivers high compression rates, meaning more power, improved towing capacity and better fuel economy.

Another advantage of the MDX-D is its cargo-bed capacity of 567kg (1,200lbs), one of the highest in its class. Combined with its increased torque, this means the MDX-D has the power to get up hills or pull heavy loads, enabling operators to maximise their productivity and tackle the toughest jobs. Add to that a speed of up to 20mph and a 24.6 litre (6.5 gallon) capacity fuel tank, and it’s clear this run-around really has the added oomph needed to get the job done fast and efficiently!


Rugged body styling

Rugged injection-molded body styling. Latch opened cowling design for ease of access for technicians.

SRQ™ - Superior Ride Quality

SRQ™ combines a coil-over shock absorber suspension design with the Active In-Frame™ twister joint. Front suspension is Independent A-Frame design with coil-over shock absorbers. Rear suspension is Swing Arm design with coil-over shock absorbers. Benefits include operator comfort, safety, reduced operator fatigue, and productivity and efficiency gains.

Durable plastic cargo bed

Double-walled composite bed can withstand the elements and heavy loads, and won’t rust or dent.

Payload capacity

The Workman® MDX Series utility vehicles have the highest total payload capacities in their class for maximum productivity. Get more jobs done in less time. MDX: 1,650 lbs. (567kg)

Optional accessories and attachments

Canopy, Solid and Folding Windshield, Electric Bed Lift, Brush Guard, Heavy Duty Bumper, ROPS, Brake/Tail/Signal Light Kit, Deluxe Hard Cab, Heavy Duty Tow Hitch, Rear Lift Kit, Snow Plow

Operator/passenger platform

Extended front frame for additional leg room to enhance SRQ™ benefits of operator and passenger comfort.

Active In-Frame™ twister joint

The innovative Active In-Frame™ Twister Joint allows each axle to react independently to the terrain. The result is the smoothest ride over the most undulating surfaces. All four wheels maintain constant contact with the ground for better traction, stability and less potential turf damage.

Highest total payload capacities in their class for maximum productivity

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