GreensPro 1260 Ride On Greens Roller

  • 47.2ins Rolling width
  • 5.5hp (4.1kW) Engine size

Technical Specs

GreensPro 1260 Ride-on Greens Roller

The Toro GreensPro 1260 roller, as with all Toro machinery, has benefited from extensive research, development, innovation, and technology and there are a wealth of USPs and stand-out features to ensure you benefit from the smoothest, most consistent ball roll.

The offset smoothing rollers overlap, providing a consistent roll across the entire swath of the machine without leaving a roll line, the split design allows both halves of the smoothing rollers to spin independently, so they’re gentle on turf and less likely to scuff and the articulating smoothing heads hug and preserve the natural contours of the green, allowing more flexibility in choosing the direction to roll the green. Plus, it’s lightweight and can maintain a smoothing effect for up to 48 hours following the roll, leaving a residual effect and high green’ speeds, significantly improving the quality of the playing surface, without requiring daily rolling.


  • Overlapping smoothing rollers deliver unmatched consistency
  • Adjustable operator platform for comfort and safety
  • Independent, articulating smoothing heads follow undulations, preserving natural contours
  • Light tongue weight makes manoeuvring simple
  • Innovative wheel caddy system for effortless transport to roll conversions
  • Hydraulic motor drive for ease of operation and reduced maintenance

Perfect rolling tool for fine sporting turf such as golf greens, bowling greens and tennis courts

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