Toro Workman GTX

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It might be light but it offers loads of utility…

The best vehicles need to offer more than seating for two, with a bit of capacity behind the seats. The diminutive Toro GTX we look at here is, in its entry-level form, perhaps a good example of this.

In its entry-level form, the two-seat GTX offers affordable utility in a rear-wheel-drive package with a choice of petrol or electric. Options include a four-seat model with same cargo area or two-seater with a massive 1.80m long flatbed.

First impressions

A two-wheel drive, two-seater with a load platform on the back is hardly a new concept, nor is the choice of petrol or electric power. But with the GTX there is a great deal more on offer to include short or long chassis models. This allows a Toro GTX to be specified as a four-seater, complete with the same size load bay as the two-seat model, or as a two-seater with an extended 1.80m flatbed. This offers a completely flat cargo space, a massive six-foot length ensuring the Toro GTX is not from the ‘seen something like this before’ category.

It is smooth, comfortable and responsive thanks to the spec secrets up its sleeve.

James de Havilland Technical Freelance Writer

Put to the test

Starting with the basics, a Toro GTX two seater is fitted as standard with a 1016mm long by 987mm wide cargo bay. Made from a tough polymer, the bed has 279mm high sides and a drop down tailgate to contain loads weighing up to 363kg. A huge choice of attachments can be added to this basic configuration to include side extensions and tool carriers plus mounting kits for both the front and rear of the vehicle. Add a very generous 454kg towing capacity and the Toro GTX starts to show its potential as a true amenity, golf and sports turf utility.

Pretty much what you see is all you need to drive a GTX, be it petrol or electric. Cup holders are a Toro standard but a surprise for some will be the USB charger that nestles under the flap next to the parking brake.

Now add the chassis extension. This extra length can accommodate a second row of bench or individual seats and still retain the same rear cargo area as the two-seater. If cargo space is the priority, the chassis extension will allow the aforementioned flatbed to be specified. This choice adds a whole new raft of potential utility to the Toro Workman series. With the small entry-level GTX range you now have access to an affordable personnel carrier as well as a general tool to move machines and materials. A roof and screen are further options.

As to power, neither the petrol nor electric options are designed to afford the GTX with the output for heavy-duty haulage or working a big sprayer. Toro has a Workman model to suit those applications. What the GTX offers is affordable utility in a versatile package to suit a really broad and diverse range of applications. The plug-in electric model has surprising pep too and, thanks to its on-board charger, can be topped up from any 13amp electric socket.

Although limited to 16mph/25.6km/hr top speed, the electric GTX has enough acceleration to reach maximum in very short order. To limit output an Eco position, that can be locked to prevent tampering, is provided.

The integral charger running from a standard 13amp single phase plug-in cable will indicate the state of charge and is designed to provide a quick top-up or be left hooked to the mains for an extended period.


The first time you jump onto a Toro GTX you will probably think you have driven one before, despite the fact that the battery-powered model is the first of its type ever seen in the UK. Hardly glowing praise, you might think. But get moving and within yards this agile utility vehicle impresses.

In summary

It is smooth, comfortable and responsive thanks to the spec secrets up its sleeve. How about a four-seat version with the same load bay or a two-seater with a flat 1.80m long load bay? Toro has 300-plus options on offer in the GTX, making it a far more versatile choice than its entry-level specifications might suggest.


Power: 429cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder Kohler or 48 volt brushless AC electric

Steering: Manual rack and pinion (2.75 turns lock-to-lock)

Turning clearance circle: 6.30m. Inside turning radius: 153cm

Suspension: Front-modified MacPherson strut. Rear-articulating swing arm with adjustable coil springs

Suspension travel: Front 88.9mm. Rear: 101.6mm

Brakes: Front- and rear-wheel hydraulic disc

Fuel capacity (petrol): 18.9 litres

Transport speed: Variable up to 16 mph/25.6kmph

Ground clearance: Front: 21.6cm. Rear: 15.5cm

Tyres: Front and rear 20×8-10 4-ply turf tyres

2-seat with 1.80m flatbed: 1.20m (w) x 3.00m (l) x 2.90m (wheel/b)

2-seat with bed: 1.20m (w) x 3.00m (l) x 2.20m (wheel/b)

4-seat with bed: 1.20m (w) x 3.60m (l) x 2.90m (wheel/b)