When red leads the green revolution

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How green are the UK’s golf clubs? If the number of those approaching Reesink Turfcare about its all-electric and hybrid mowing and utility vehicle range from Toro is anything to go by, then the answer is they’re making the green machinery choice wherever possible.

The latest case in point is Fulwell Golf Club in Middlesex who has set itself the goal to be the most sustainable club in the county and, through its machinery choices, boost its relationship with the community.

Director of golf, Peter Hall, explains: “The reasons for making the green choice were two-fold. We wanted to reduce our carbon footprint as well as bringing the club closer to the community and lessening the impact on our neighbours. We’re surrounded by residential houses and have certain restrictions for when we can work. Having all-electric and hybrid machines means we can mow early in the morning and cut the greens without disturbing anyone, increasing efficiency and productivity.

“We’re dedicated to improving our place in the community whilst producing great results and promoting sustainability at the club. Toro was the only partner to help us achieve that. It was fundamental to get the right equipment – you can only be as good as the machinery you have, and that’s the reason why we invested in Toro. They’re proven to have the best cut, quality and reliability on the market for their diesel mowers and lead the way with electric and hybrid technology.”

Fulwell’s team selected two Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370 riding greensmowers, two Workman GTX Lithium-Ion utility vehicles, a Greensmaster e1021 pedestrian greensmower and the hybrid Reelmaster 5010-H fairway mower from the Toro range available from distributor Reesink Turfcare.

Course manager Ryan Bezzant, who has been at the club for just over four years and manages a team of eight full-time staff, explains why the time was right to bring in a Toro fleet, the club’s first: “Toro are market leaders and very good at what they do, so we felt confident that buying fully electric machines from them wouldn’t make us lose performance. And it’s proved to be true: they’re very efficient and cut just as well and as quickly as the diesel ones.”

Ryan says these choices have significantly improved operations, he continues: “We don’t have to worry about hydraulic fluids leaking and damaging the greens; there’s a lot less maintenance and it’s a lot cleaner too and charging is so easy – we just plug them in at the end of the day and they’re ready to go the next morning. The guys are over the moon with them.”

The club plans to continue to invest over the next two or three years in Toro with Reesink, as Ryan concludes: “We’re at full capacity at the moment with 100 golfers a day every day, seven days a week, and golf seems to be turning into an all-year round activity. Having the option of all-electric means we can mow whenever needed especially with the handmowers.

“We need to make sure the course is always kept at a high standard, and with Toro, we know it is. And we can’t fault Reesink, they’ve been very good with communication, making us aware of delivery times so it was easy to plan. We’re also hoping Toro will offer even more electric options in the future, as we’d like more now!”

To talk to someone about Toro technology and how the Toro range could suit your course, call 01480 226800.