Update on Supply, Product Delays and Working Practices Through COVID

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Supply chain issues

As the world strives to normalise and shake off the grip of the COVID pandemic, demand for finished goods and raw materials continues to exceed the ability of many manufacturers to keep pace. 

The ongoing disruption to global supply chains and production networks will take some time yet to improve. The delays in raw material supplies and disruption to transportation routes in general, was expected to ease in the second half of 2021. However, these pressures have in fact increased, and look set to continue for some months yet.

What Reesink, The Toro Company and our other brand partners are doing specifically to help the situation is investing resources to support availability – including paying additional airfreight on accessory items and/or other premiums to secure equipment from other Toro distributors, where there’s the option. We are also focused on maintaining parts flow to support equipment that continues in use pending its replacement.

The delay on many Toro models has stretched out and currently is approximately 12 months from placing your order, it can be less on a small pocket of models and may be longer on others. While the situation is expected to improve, if the current rate of demand continues, this may not have an impact until late this year (2022). You should check with your local dealer or Reesink representative on specific model concerns as information is constantly evolving. While the information we share on lead times may be frustrating, we are committed to give the facts as they are at the time.

We thank all our dealers and customers for your support, patience and understanding as we navigate these challenging times with our supplier partners. 



Throughout the COVID pandemic Reesink UK has been focused on delivering the best possible service to our customers under the prevailing circumstances. For some time now we have been back to normal staffing levels and operating normal working hours across all operational locations and remotely. 

Maintaining business as usual continues to have some challenges while we continue to manage the safety of our employees, customers and visitors to our locations. From time to time we have some of our staff working from home, but when this occurs they are resourced, and connected well enough to remain able to deliver information and services to colleagues and customers alike.  

Our head office in St Neots is open Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm. You can contact us in the normal ways during normal hours:


Via phone:

01480 226800

Via email: 


Via online form:



Health and wellbeing of customers and employees

The number one priority throughout the pandemic has been the health and wellbeing of our customers and employees. We have adopted additional hygiene, testing and social distancing measures within our operational locations to protect staff, their families and our customers. We have taken steps to minimise unnecessary travel and all contact continues to be managed through agreed necessity, adopting best practice precautions for health. 


Here to help

We have a dedicated team meeting which continues to meet on a regular basis to coordinate specific risk assessment activities both on site and externally and responses to the developing circumstances at large. By protecting our employees and facilities we are doing our utmost to maintain response times and service levels. Now, as ever, the entire team – in our service centres, warehouses and across our supply chain – is focused on delivering for our customers, so please be reassured you have support from us when it comes to service and parts supply. 


Risk Assessment

Following changes in government and public health guidelines, we continue to revise and adapt our  risk assessments to ensure the safety of our workforce, suppliers and customers while limiting the impact on services.