Update on supply and deliveries

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We are still finding demand for finished goods and raw materials exceeds the ability of the supply chain to keep pace. Global supply and production networks are still working to catch up with the backlog from lockdown and the high ‘recovery’ demand. We have previously indicated that for many manufacturers it will be several months before things are back to ‘normal’ or full capacity. The ongoing delay in raw material supplies and disruption to global transportation routes in general, was expected to ease by now. However, these pressures have in fact increased, exacerbating this industry-wide and global issue.

What Reesink UK and The Toro Company are doing specifically to help the situation is investing resources to support availability – including paying additional airfreight on accessory items and/or other premiums to secure equipment from other Toro distributors, where there’s the option.

However, the delay on many Toro models remains approximately 12 months from placing your order and may be longer on some specific models. While the situation is expected to improve marginally, at the current rate of demand it is likely that this length of delivery delay will continue through 2023/24.