True or false: fine finish from a cylinder mower is down to luck?

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As cutting season fast approaches, Reesink Turfcare is reminding customers why the proper set-up procedures with the proper parts is so essential in a cylinder mower’s performance.

Cylinder mowers are precision machines and require precision engineered parts to achieve a pristine finish, as Michael Hampton, parts manager at Reesink Turfcare, explains: “The cylinder, frame and bedknife are the three main structural members in a cylinder cutting unit. For the mower to cut with a scissor-like shearing action, the bedknife and cylinder blades need to be sharp, matched and in close relationship with each other, and the bedknife sharpened to be flat and square so the sharp edge touches the cylinder blades across their entire length.

“If the bedknife is not perfectly flat, it is impossible to get the bedknife to touch the entire length of the cylinder. This is an essential part of the construction, making cylinder mowers precision cutting tools. Adjust any part of the construction process with, for example, ‘will-fit’ parts and the fit, form and function can be affected to leave a less attractive and less consistent after-cut appearance.”

It’s not luck that keeps turf looking fresh, rather bedknives made of high carbon steel that can retain that important edge for longer and Toro bedknives are superior in both durability and longevity meaning greenkeepers can get reliable cuts for longer without the need for frequent adjustment or replacement.

Only Toro cylinders are available in 5, 7, 8, 11, and 14 configurations to fit all mowers including the popular Greensmaster and Reelmaster ranges, and with 24-hour delivery across the UK, or 72 hours delivery from US factories at no extra cost, Reesink can ensure minimum downtime and maximum productivity.

There’s nothing lucky about achieving a superior quality of cut, it’s down to Toro and that’s a fact.

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