Three Phase Solution for Cruden Bay Irrigation

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Course manager Alister Matherson explains: “Splitting the work into phases meant we could spread out the cost and minimise the amount of time works were disturbing customers, plus it gave us time to make informed decisions about the irrigation system we wanted.

“We’re two thirds of the way through the installation and while it is a drawn out strategy it’s been worth the wait so far. We had the first phase of the irrigation installation in 2014. This involved installing a new transfer pump, holding tank and replacing the old pump set.”

And in 2019 came the cherry on the cake, with not only the addition of new pipework, cabling and Toro irrigation valves, but brand new Toro sprinklers across the greens, approaches and walkways, alongside Toro Lynx central control

“We had a demonstration of Toro sprinklers and used them on the course alongside competitor brands. Throughout extensive trials, we saw quite clearly that Toro performed better,” says Alister. “The quality of performance of the heads and the quality of service from Reesink Turfcare was great.

“Added to that is Toro Lynx control, which is a great bit of kit. Easy to use software and very reliable, with features like the weather station which is fantastic. My favourite feature is probably the mobile app which allows us to control the irrigation from anywhere, which is superb!” 

Despite the large installation and renovation, the process went smoothly with the work of OCMIS irrigation specialists and RH Associates consultancy. And since the second phase was completed, the course has certainly been seeing the benefits. 

“Having a clearer plan for our irrigation means we can be more efficient and is the biggest plus,” says Alister. “The quality of coverage as well has made a big difference to the course.”

Renowned as one of the top golf courses in the world by Top 100 Golf Courses, Cruden Bay Golf Club’s traditional Scottish links course benefits from stunning views out over the sea and of Slain Castle. But it’s the unique topography and layout that makes it so popular, says Alister.

“With the course so well regarded, it’s important for us to make the course maintenance the best it can be. Having Toro irrigation means we can keep standards high and improve the course.” 

Up next for the club is phase three in the irrigation installation, to cover the fairways. “We won’t change from Toro now that we’ve seen what their irrigation can do,” says Alister. “Although a few years off yet, we’re looking forward to slotting in that last piece of the jigsaw, which will give us a completely modern, functional system across the course.”