The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

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The UK is entering its third month of lockdown and throughout Reesink UK has been focussed on delivering the best possible service to its customers in these unprecedented times. 

Here we talk to Michael Hampton, Reesink’s parts manager about delivering its UK customers what they need when they need it: “Of course the situation is far from normal, but what we have here at Reesink is a new normal. One which we’re delighted to say is working.

“Customers should not have noticed any difference with regards to parts ordering and support. We have a complete range of all items in stock and we’re still able to have orders ready for dispatch in ample time for delivery within 24 hours to our customers. 

“We have experienced some issues with our carriers, but those problems were expected, we had a contingency and they didn’t last long. So far we have been able to deliver our customers’ requirements whether that’s delivering to their location or via non-contact collection.”

Michael says most orders pertain to maintenance and repair work: “The majority of our orders are for repair work to keep essential equipment operational and working safely. Contacting us for genuine spare parts is the same as it always was for customers. Emails, phone and internet are all running as usual and there have been no delays to responding to our customers’ enquiries.”

Reesink, who is the UK distributor for Toro golf and sports fields equipment, grounds machinery, irrigation products and genuine Toro Parts, among many, has been continually impressed – and thankful – throughout these weeks of lockdown for the people working tirelessly throughout the entire supply system that has meant it’s seemingly business as usual for its customers. Michael concludes: “Maintaining business as usual in these unprecedented times takes a village and everyone has stepped up to continue delivering the kind of reassurance the company strives to give customers lockdown or not and that’s minimum downtime, maximum productivity and more customer service.”

Reesink is open for business and teams in the service centres, warehouses and across the supply chain are working tirelessly to deliver parts for customers. Drop them a line at Spare Parts: 01480 226854, visit or email