Simply the best: how Orsett Golf Club’s using the latest Toro machinery to enact its bold 10-year vision

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“We’ve quite the unique course here at Orsett Golf Club,” comments Perry. “The ground is a mix of ballast and shingle, which is unusual for clay-heavy Essex; many clubs have flooding issues in winter. While it’s excellent for our members, being open all year round does mean the course experiences a lot of wear and tear.”

To stay on top of the constant course maintenance, Perry recently took out his fourth package deal with Reesink Turfcare, leasing an entirely new fleet of Toro machinery. “At previous clubs I have seen and experienced the headaches that come with owning your own kit,” he reflects.

“You run it to death and then it needs replacing,” Perry goes on. “In my book, it’s not the best way to work with machines; older bits of kit are liable to break down at the wrong time and on top of that they can be incredibly expensive to replace.

“Rather, I prefer running a five-year lease hire model: it offers much better value for money and more reliability. The deal we’ve just completed with Reesink’s Richard Freeman, whom I’ve known for over a decade, is perfect for us – we will always have the latest technology to enact our rolling ten-year plan.”

Over the next decade, Orsett Golf Club intends to upgrade several regions on its course, with a special focus on the short game area. Perry also wants to build new greens and bunkers, as well as a new entrance to the clubhouse.

etriflex 3370_1

Perry Lowe, is intent on regenerating the club with the very latest and best Toro machinery such as the eTriFlex 3370 through Reesink’s popular lease hire model.

Thanks to Orsett Golf Club’s lease plan, Perry will have access to a range of the latest mowers and utility vehicles, including the all-electric Toro Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370 and Toro Workman UTX.

“Electric mowers have been around for over 20 years, but they’ve always been pretty awful,” says Perry. “But we’re a club that likes to try new things. So when Richard told us about the new Toro electric range of kit, we jumped at the opportunity and we’ve not looked back since – both models are faultless.

“As a club that’s always looking ahead and wanting to improve, the best quality of cut and the latest machinery available are a high priority for us. Fortunately, Reesink’s lease hire plan is a very simple way to enact that and carry out our 10-year plan.”