Say hello to the Toro Vista

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Toro’s first ever range of passenger vehicles


Toro is entering a new market with its first ever range of passenger vehicles. Titled the Vista, this is the moment customers have been waiting for as now their customers get to experience first-hand the quality and smooth ride of Toro, too.

Jon Cole, divisional business manager – Reesink Turfcare, says: “With the unveiling of the Vista, there’s now a dedicated transport option from Toro. It’s designed for comfort and work, and made to move everyone and everything, with the quality customers would expect from Toro in a passenger vehicle.”

The Toro Vista boasts spacious seating for four (pictured), six, or eight passengers, as well as ample storage.

Toro has a stellar track record of utility vehicles that are both reliable and efficient people transporters as well as work horses, and with the Vista that legacy continues but with an emphasis on comfort.

A sturdy frame design stems from decades of success with Workman utility vehicles and is specifically designed to carry passengers and cargo with ease. It’s paired with spacious seating for four, six or eight passengers, ample storage, cargo-enabled fold-down rear seats, independent suspension, and an ergonomic design to ensure a comfortable ride and plenty of legroom.

There are several accessories available to further enhance the comfort of the Vista, including an optional canopy for weather protection, a folding windscreen, and even a lightweight cargo bed for luggage.

Coming with two HyperCell batteries and Toro’s proprietary lithium-ion battery technology, no special charging station is needed, the battery-powered model comes equipped with an on-board 900W smart charger – a convenient charging solution that gives the Vista the capability to plug into any standard electrical socket.

Brought to the UK by distributor Reesink, it’s time to say hasta la vista to old transport buggies and hello to new innovation from Toro.