Reesink ‘Tee Up’ Success for Falkirk Golf Club

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Reesink Turfcare’s ReeAssure Maintenance Scheme has provided a number of invaluable benefits for Falkirk Golf Club in Scotland, which had its fingers burnt by a previous service provider. 

Dougie Melville, course manager at Falkirk Golf Club, comments: “We had been let down by our previous provider, having been subjected to fluctuating bills and travel charges for call outs. In 2016 we chose not to renew our lease and called in Reesink, who provided a full-blown assessment of our fleet. 

“They meticulously went through what each machine needed, when, and how much it would cost. We took this to the committee who signed it off and since then we’ve had faultless service from Reesink. 

“From giving machines their winter overhaul to replacing parts, repairing breakdowns and sharpening units, it’s all taken care of under one cost – hassle free!”

As a club with 27 holes to maintain (an 18-hole and 9-hole Antonine Course) and some challenging wet weather to negotiate, there’s no time for any of the club’s nine machines to go down. They all play a very necessary role in maintaining the grounds, particularly as the Antonine course is on the site of an old Roman fort and the Carron River used to run through the area.

“It actually saves us money,” adds Dougie. “In properly understanding our site and the conditions our grounds team are faced with, Reesink knows how to get the best performance out of our mowers and vehicles. We schedule two in-season services for every machine and as a result they don’t require much upkeep or many new parts, which has actually lowered our costs.”

Five years on Falkirk Golf Club remains on Reesink’s Gold plan which covers a wide spectrum of maintenance and upkeep options, with services, new parts and labour all included. Silver and Bronze packages are also available, providing a robust level of cover for all budgets. 

It’s not just the financial and maintenance aspects of the plan which suit Falkirk Golf Course so well, as Dougie continues: “We have a brilliant relationship with Rab at Reesink’s Livingston branch. If he can’t deal with it straight away, I know I’ll have someone on site the very next day. The mechanics are all very knowledgeable and efficient. I can’t fault anyone in the team!”

Rab Wilson, from Reesink in Livingston, Scotland, comments: “We are often called out to help organisations who have had their fingers burnt elsewhere and, as a business that focuses on quality, Reesink offers the reassurance that goes with having a comprehensive maintenance plan. It makes a difference to customers like Dougie who want to focus on perfecting the pristine standards of the club.” 

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