Reesink E-Vehicles Welcomes Electric Vehicle Expert

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Dave French has been recently appointed sales manager at Reesink e-Vehicles, the latest division at Reesink UK. 

Dave will be managing and promoting an array of innovative products under the Reesink e-Vehicles’ brands, including STAR EV with its golf buggies, passenger buggies, commercial and utility vehicles – and with more products and brands soon to come.

Dave has extensive sales experience with his last role at an electric vehicle manufacturer – a role that would end up shaping his career. Dave explains how his journey has led to him heading up the sales team at Reesink’s new e-Vehicles division: “I’ve been working in sales for about 11 years and four of those with electric vehicles, so I’ve seen the industry as it has developed to this point. We’re on the cusp of a revolution, I’m quite convinced of it. It’s going to be a fast-growing, high-flux industry. It won’t be without its challenges; STAR EV has, for example, been doing extremely well in America for decades, but it’s new here and needs bedding in, especially in the golf industry. But once we get the traction that we’re hoping to get, I think we’ll have a hard time keeping up with it!”

A fan of renewable resources and happy to be part of the change coming up, Dave couldn’t be more excited about continuing to work in this industry: “It’s going to be the electric option going forward so there’s lots of potential here. As petrol and diesel vehicles need replacing, Reesink e-Vehicles will be ready, in the right place at the right time, to not only satisfy our customers’ needs but to keep them informed as well. As a trusted British distributor, we want to continue to serve our customers’ needs today, while also innovating and keeping up with the global change.”

As for what he loves most about electric vehicles? “They’re quiet – wherever you are and whatever sector you’re in, the ability to work more quietly, earlier and for longer will be an advantage,” he says. “With the industry’s first all-electric tractor from Reesink’s Agricultural division, Farmtrac, and electric riding greens mower from Toro falling under the Turfcare division, it’s easy to see the scope and potential. The commercial benefits in the golfing industry where greenkeepers can now start work earlier in the morning without disturbing anyone, giving them a longer working day, is a game-changer.”

“There’s also much less to go wrong with electric vehicles – no engines and a sealed battery unit, and there’s a lot less maintenance required so they’re far more cost-effective to run. Initial purchase costs are still reducing, but it’s a worthwhile investment, especially knowing you’re having such a positive environmental impact.”

David Cole, managing director at Reesink UK, oversaw the hiring process and found Dave to be the perfect candidate for the role, he says: “Dave’s experience in various low-speed EV markets was clear and will be invaluable for our new division and its future growth. Equally, he demonstrated insight and understanding of long-term relationship management and customer-focused solutions that are a strong and immediate fit to Reesink values and will give our electric vehicle business a faster start than we might have hoped for.”

Now at 54 years old, Dave French plans to continue at Reesink until his retirement, doing what he loves: “I’ll happily stay in this division working with electric vehicles. In ten or 15 years’ time, our range will have evolved, but I will certainly still be selling electric. It feels like a calling at this point.”

See a selection of Reesink e-Vehicles’ key products at SALTEX in November or contact Dave French via Reesink head office on 01480 226800.