New Transpro transforms transport for Toro ProCore aerators

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There’s good news for owners of the popular Toro ProCore 648 or 648s aerators, there’s now an easy transport option for this essential bit of kit. The new TransPro 648 eliminates the need for pulling the aerators across the course or loading onto a utility vehicle.


The Toro ProCore aerator line is legendary because of its ability to cover significant amounts of ground in quick time and now the TransPro backs up that offering with a transport option that makes aeration tasks even quicker.

This neat trailer allows for quick loading and unloading with easy securing and release of the aerator. The design uniquely incorporates a raised rigid edge which specifically aligns with the aerator’s wheel while loading and retains its position in transit.

The new TransPro 648 is the easy transport solution for the Toro ProCore 648 aerator, seen here.

The high-strength ramp automatically adjusts while loading and a simply centred latch allows for fast, efficient securing and releasing, with no need for straps. The ramp can secure its cargo by automatically lifting, while the trailer length and hitch height are adjustable allowing for multiple towing options as well as easy storage.

The large flotation tyres minimise ground pressure and absorb uneven ground and bumps, ensuring a smooth ride across the course.

Jon Cole, divisional business manager for Reesink Turfcare, distributor of Toro fine turf machinery in the UK, says: “The whole point of the ProCore is to create a clean, even finish to the greens. It’s therefore counterintuitive to risk damage to the turf in the process of transporting the machine back and forth across the course. Now, there is a transport option dedicated to and worthy of a machine of this standing.”

Customers can streamline their operations and protect their investment with the Toro TransPro 648. And it’s now available from Reesink Turfcare.