More kits, more value

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Toro’s MVP (maintenance value performance) kits are widely known as one of the most effective solutions to minimising downtime. And for 2020 there’s a new pack available through UK distributor Reesink Turfcare offering more value and more time on the course working, not waiting.

MVP kits were designed with specific maintenance and repairs in mind and upping the range of handy kits is the new 1000 Hour Filter Kits. It joins, among many others, Seal Kits, Bearing Kits, Roller Rebuild Kits and 400-800 Hour Filter Kits.

All packs have one thing in common, they help save time and money. They help you track maintenance and bring peace of mind that you have the parts you need to keep your equipment on the job. So, instead of spending valuable time sourcing individual parts as issues arise, course managers and greenkeepers can purchase all the parts they need for a particular maintenance or rebuild job in one convenient box that comes with the added benefit of saving up to 20 percent in repair expenses.

Michael Hampton, Reesink Turfcare parts manager, comments: “Now more so than ever, machinery repairs and downtime need to be kept to a minimum and costs in check. It has never been more important for machines to work as an extension to the team, efficiently and effectively. And that’s where MVP kits come into their own, having all the required parts included in a single package to make ordering and completing the job easier and less expensive.”  

Each pack come with instructions giving advice on when to perform specific maintenance tasks depending on the model and the number of hours of use, helping to prevent running machines into the ground and incurring unnecessary costs to repair them. 

Michael continues: “Keeping turf in premium condition is at the forefront of greenkeepers’ minds and high-performing machines are the means to achieving this. Downtime is a costly obstacle. Toro’s MVP kits enable you to react and resolve maintenance or repair issues immediately, keeping uptime at an all-time high.”

Added to this, if used to perform regular maintenance, MVP kits keep cost of ownership low and allow for more accurate forecasting when setting budget aside for parts and servicing.

Investing in Toro MVP kits is, says Reesink Turfcare, a wise decision. For more information contact distributor Reesink’s Toro parts department on 01480 226854, go to, or visit your local dealer.