Make a difficult job easy with Toro’s myTurf Pro

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myTurf Pro is a powerful, easy-to-use software application that tracks and manages all a club’s assets, regardless of brand. With access to real-time data, it’s possible to improve staff efficiency, lengthen the life of equipment and reduce overall maintenance costs across the entire range of equipment and assets.


Total Cost of Ownership is a vital part of the decision-making process when looking to invest in a new equipment, but certainly never before has the concept had such weight, as Jon Cole, divisional business manager – turfcare at Reesink Turfcare, UK distributor of Toro equipment, explains: “The cost of living crisis impacts businesses as much as consumers so it’s never been more important to consider more than just the purchase price of a club’s equipment. The net purchase or financed value is important, but often no more than 35 percent as a cost component of the equipment’s operating life.


“It’s equally important to look for value with features that enhance performance, productivity, reliability, downtime, durability and longevity for residual value.”


With robust record keeping it’s possible to balance investment, component costs and residual value, but with Toro technology in the form of the web-based asset management system, myTurf Pro, there’s no limit to what can be tracked, from equipment, irrigation, vehicles, attachments, hand tools and more, across one or more locations – and it’s so quick.


A decade in the making, the level of informational detail myTurf Pro provides is unrivalled by any other asset management system. Order parts, schedule service activities, track inventory, monitor fleet health and labour expenses or generate reports that demonstrate operational access, 24/7.


Customisable tools deliver interactive alerts, automated and proactive notifications, labour management and expense tracking, and instant access to service documentation and operational reports.


Jon continues: “myTurf Pro was designed to make our customer’s difficult job easier. It puts the optimisation, efficiency and effectiveness of the operation at the course managers’ fingertips and allows customers to track the total cost of ownership, depreciation, maintenance and operating expenses for the real value of machinery for its expected lifetime.”


And all of that is backed up by Toro NSN technical and customer support, by phone, email or chat, and up-to-date reference materials. It is available through Reesink Turfcare with flexible finance deals with deferred start dates, subsidised rates or those that can be aligned to peak income months to help manage cashflow. It only takes a conversation. Make contact online, by email at or by phone on 01480 226800.