Keeping it genuine keeps costs down

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Since Toro started filling its machines with its new PX Extended Life Hydraulic Fluid, customers have been enjoying a reduction in downtime, increased time between services and an improvement in the total cost of ownership of their machines.


To provide customers with value added improvements, Toro changed its standard fill hydraulic fluid to an extended life hydraulic fluid called Toro PX Extended Life Hydraulic Fluid.


Since 2019 every machine out of production has been factory-filled with this new PX fluid, and customers and distributor Reesink Turfcare have noticed that by sticking with this genuine hydraulic fluid brings big benefits.


Michael Hampton, purchasing and sales process manager at Reesink Turfcare, says: “Just as buying genuine applies to all Toro parts so does it ring true when it comes to hydraulic fluid. By sticking with Toro PX Extended Life Hydraulic Fluid customers are guaranteeing a reduction in servicing intervals for hydraulic fluid and filters to up to 2,000 hours compared to using the standard Hydraulic Fluid which requires a change every 800 hours.”


Sticking with the new PX fluid allows for increased hydraulic fluid and filter change intervals, eliminates the initial low hour hydraulic fluid change, allows for common change intervals across product offerings reducing confusion during maintenance servicing, as well as reducing the overall cost of ownership.


Michael continues: “Hydraulic fluid is an essential part to the machine. Its main function is to provide energy transmission through the system, which enables motion. Hydraulic fluids are also responsible for lubrication, heat transfer and contamination control. So, when it comes to quality control and safeguarding the performance of the machine, sticking to genuine hydraulic fluid surely rates highly.”


Toro PX Extended Life Hydraulic Fluid is suitable for all Toro machines apart from the GP1260, Groundsmaster 7210, Groundsmaster 360 and Outcross. It is available through Reesink Turfcare online, by phone on 01480 226800 or by email at