Keep it clean and green with Bio-Circle parts cleaner

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Reesink Turfcare has made huge leaps in recent years to bring customers sustainable machinery choices, so it only makes sense for this green ethos to extend to cleaning machines too. Enter the Bio-Circle GT Maxi: the parts cleaner that eliminates water waste and pollutant run-off into the water system.

When it comes to disposal, water reduction and waste avoidance are the magic words and Bio-Circle’s GT Maxi brings customers both, as Jon Cole, divisional business manager – turfcare at Reesink Turfcare, explains: “Clubs can use upwards of 400-600 litres of water per hour to wash their equipment with a pressure washer. In a climate where responsible water management is paramount, Bio-Circle provides an alternative way of cleaning parts that limits this kind of wastage, which has a positive effect on a club’s finances as well as the environment.”

Both VOC-free, and pH neutral, Bio-Circle GT Maxi uses water-based cleaning with natural microorganisms without solvents or cold cleaners. While it’s gentle on the environment, it’s powerful enough to cut through grease, oil, grass contamination, whiteline paint and fertiliser, and eliminates the need to pressure wash parts which avoids the risk of damage that can be caused by high pressure cleaning applications.

A closed-loop filtration system ensures the cleaning liquid is both recycled and cleaned via bio-remediation, meaning the Bio-Circle GT Maxi can deliver consistent cleaning performance all while maintaining a very long service life.

The Bio-Circle GT Maxi parts cleaner is high performance, sturdy and durable consisting of a large basin ideal for cumbersome parts and designed to be deep enough to prevent splashback. And it’s not only on the green side of things that it keeps things clean, an optional lid prevents cross-contamination, and brush attachment on the long hose makes cleaning the basin itself easy. There’s the option of coarse, fine and bag filters plus a magnet in the basin drain to account for every type of cleaning job. Moreover, the double-walled fluid tank acts as an insulation to help reduce heat loss.

The Bio-Circle GT Maxi has impressed both with its results and its sustainability, so much so that it is used by Reesink’s Burwell branch on all customer machine services.

To learn more about the Bio-Circle GT Maxi and sustainable parts cleaning speak with Reesink Turfcare by phone on 01480 226800, by email at or online at