Hybrid technology taken to the next level

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 Introducing the upgraded Toro Reelmaster 5010-H


New for this year, the industry’s first and only fairway mower with a true hybrid drive system, the Toro Reelmaster 5010-H, has been given a comprehensive upgrade.

Toro is always listening to its customers, and it turns out there are quite a few improvements made to this revolutionary mower based on R&D and customer feedback, all with the intention to enhance performance and provide better machine control.

Jon Cole, divisional business manager for Toro’s UK distributor Reesink Turfcare, explains:

“The technology of the 5010-H is proven beyond doubt since its launch in 2015 with the hybrid elements of the engine design particularly impressing customers. Therefore, what I think many will be pleased to learn is that most of these advances relate to the hybrid technology.”

The upgraded Reelmaster 5010-H was just one of the Toro machines at Reesink’s recent production training session for the sales team and dealers at Celtic Manor.

In brief, more electronic components have been added. Leading with the fact that the hydrostatic drive is now electronically controlled, and with this simple change, Toro has added its SmartPower system to automatically control mowing speed and optimise cutting performance.

In essence, what this technology does is monitor the engine’s RPM. Previously, the operator was responsible for controlling the machine’s speed when mowing long or wet grass or climbing a steep hill, now, the machine does it automatically. As the RPM drops, traction speed decreases until it recovers back to the desired speed and by maintaining optimal cylinder and blade speed a better and more consistent cut is produced.

The same technology also means that as speed decreases the traction pedal still moves an entire stroke giving increased resolution for tight turning in tight quarters. So, for customers mowing training grounds or a relatively flat golf course, they can slow down the engine speed to peak torque curve rather than peak of the horsepower curve.

It means the same results can be achieved with the engine 2600rpm on flat ground compared to 3000rpm, saving on fuel consumption, and lowering the noise level output.

With SmartPower also comes cruise control and this allows for a more consistent clip rate. Rather than relying on the operator’s foot to maintain a consistent speed the machine does that, as well as allowing maximum speed settings to be set. Whether the setting is at four or six miles an hour doesn’t affect quality, clip rate is not affected, and the same results will be achieved, it just helps with operator training and preferences.

There is so much more that’s been tweaked with this machine but the real benefits for customers as Jon sees it are: “These changes mean customers can focus on cutting, on achieving that fine mowing detail, following the clean-up edge of the fairway for example, rather than focusing on the speed at which they’re mowing. This is where everyone including members will see the difference, there’s more precision for better presentation.”