GreenGrounds for the green future we need

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GreenGrounds is a partnership between machinery distributor Reesink Turfcare and Bio-Circle, the sustainable surface technology system manufacturer, formed to solve the problem of the general misunderstanding that surrounds starting an achievable and effective sustainability project.

There’s no consensus on what effective sustainable measures are and clubs and businesses don’t follow the same sustainability guidelines. Reesink and Bio-Circle are hoping to change that. Move things on from being a box ticked and opportunities missed.

Keen to encourage turf professionals to focus on their sustainable responsibilities, the two businesses are here to provide free advice, knowledge, and creative and practical solutions. GreenGrounds focuses on making the process easy, removing the barriers or fear.

So, what are the quick fixes to be more sustainable? Firstly, a priority plan needs to be made with easy low-hanging-fruit changes. Make the project easy so it works to your advantage, it’s not there to hinder you or make your life difficult, but to help you succeed.

Stanley Park Sports Ground in Wiltshire is a case in point. Paul Harvey, head of leisure services, began his sustainability journey three years ago, by simply asking Mark Tomlinson at Bio-Circle and a key driver of the GreenGrounds initative;  “how can I do this?”. He wrote a simple, achievable plan and now the site has battery equipment, organic pitches, solar panels, recyclable water washdown, wild meadows, beehives, and has engaged with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust in a tree planting programme. All done on a budget and ‘cost neutral’ with good planning and budget management.

Another example is Forest Green Football Club, the first UN Carbon Neutral Football Club in the world. Its sustainability features include maintaining the first professional fully organic pitch, creating a biodiversity area, providing 20 percent of its annual electric needs by solar panels, LED scoreboard powered by the sun and welcoming the industry’s first all-electric tractor from Farmtrac, as well as using Bio-Circle for sustainable practices of equipment maintenance cleaning, washdown water reductions and recycling equipment.

Reesink and Bio-Circle recognise their environmental and sustainable responsibilities. No greenwashing, just acceptance to help the future of the industry, especially the golf industry, with biodiversity guidance, water recycling options, solar energy, planning equipment upgrades to electric and hydrid machinery, air systems, water-saving washdown systems, responsible irrigation, advances in turf agent applications, effective reservoir management, etc.