Gold for the Ultimate Peace of Mind for Hever Castle

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Reesink Turfcare’s ReeAssure maintenance scheme has been worth its weight in gold for course manager Rob Peers at Hever Castle Golf Club in Kent.

Rob knows all too well what a worry it can be when you don’t have maintenance cover when very suddenly a few years ago, his full-time mechanic had to leave his job and the club was left without someone covering the maintenance of its extensive and comprehensive fleet.

Rob says: “We were unexpectedly directionless which was a real worry. We’re a mainly Toro club, so I put a call into Peter Clarke at Reesink’s Sheffield Park branch to see if he could help and he introduced me to the ReeAssure scheme. I signed up and the weight was taken off my shoulders and dealt with. In a nutshell, what Reesink’s maintenance plan has given me is an immediate and ultimate peace of mind.”

Rob chose the Gold plan and couldn’t be more surprised or pleased at the value this offers: “The pastoral care is fantastic and absolutely everything is included from nuts and bolts and cable ties to cylinders and bottom blades,” he says. “I am genuinely gobsmacked at what good value it is and amazed that they can do it all for the price.” 

This is the whole idea behind the scheme which also has a Silver and Bronze option as David Jackman, operations manager at Reesink, explains: “We designed these plans to provide an affordable option for everyone with the best support at a fixed price and no hidden surprises. Whether you choose the Bronze, Silver or Gold plan, they are perfect for efficient budgeting and cost control. Reassurance comes from knowing you can be assured your machines will perform to the best of their ability whichever package you have.”

Rob couldn’t agree more as he says: “The cost is ringfenced and I don’t have any hidden surprises which means I have absolute control over my budget.”

Not just that though, regular maintenance helps maintain the optimum retail value for his machines should Rob wish to sell them on. “It’s a real selling point that these machines are kept in the best possible condition, with regular maintenance and everything documented,” he says. “It’s like selling a car, the more detail you can give for its maintenance history the best retail value you’ll get.”

But Rob’s concluding point was undoubtedly the best of all. When asked if there was anything else to add, he said simply: trust. “I trust them to react quickly, keep my machines running and deliver a fantastic service; so much so that they have become such a valued member of the team that they’re now essentially key holders. 

“There aren’t many people I’d trust my keys to, but the Reesink team is one of them. If they haven’t finished by the time I need to get off, I am more than happy to give them the keys and leave them to finish, lock up and turn the alarms on.” 

With Reesink’s ReeAssure plans there’s the option for warranty programmes and the guarantee that buying Toro comes with buying into a support network like no other. The parts backup is second-to-none and as a Toro customer you are never more than a maximum 72-hours away from the part you need, for minimum downtime and maximum productivity.

“My advice to anyone would be, do it, you won’t regret it,” finishes Rob.