Don’t Slow Your Mower Down This Summer

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If there’s one season above all that your Toro mower can’t afford to be anything other than performing at its optimum, it’s summer. But with different Toro rotary blade designs for different times of year, which one ensures the ultimate productivity for the busiest season?

Just like your Toro mower is no ordinary machine, Toro blades are not ordinary blades. Toro not only makes precisely engineered blades to fit the cutting deck perfectly, but carefully crafts a blade type to better serve seasonal turf needs. 

All Toro blades have sharpened cutting edges at both ends and a sail area that’s curved up to create airflow. Depending on the purpose of your mower and the design of the cutting deck, the blade sail will adjust to create more powerful airflows. These varying airflows will whip the grass blades upright to expose them to the cutting edge of the blade for a clean cut, then send the cut grass neatly out the discharge.

And moving into summer, the ‘low Sail’ (flat) blade is a good choice, working well in drier and dusty conditions and leaving a good quality of cut when used regularly. 

Michael Hampton, purchasing and sales process manager at Reesink Turfcare, explains: “There are different blades available for different tasks beyond the ‘standard’ blades that the machine comes equipped with and each type of rotary blade is different for the specific cut required based on the time of year.

“The hard graft from the spring season means now’s the time to replace the blades before heading into the busiest time of the year. The no/low sail blades are a good choice because they have reduced discharge velocity of clippings and lower power consumption too.”

When it comes to rotary blades, if there’s a moral to its story then it’s is to never underestimate their importance. So, when swapping out blades, don’t use non-genuine parts in your Toro mower, they can cause delays with unexpected wear and breakages. Toro’s superior designed blades are designed to fit perfectly, making for a better cut, which produces healthier grass for an improved after-cut appearance.

Michael concludes: “A blade is not just a blade; they do different things for different applications. Whether the grass is long, short, coarse or fine, Toro blades work better, harder and longer. And Toro blades are engineered to perfection and fit perfectly.”

As always, parts are delivered within 24 hours of ordering, where stock is available. Contact Reesink at or call their Turfcare Parts team on 01480 226854.