Carefully managing costs more vital than ever

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Burford Golf Club gets its hands on 16 new Toro machines in its first ever Toro lease deal. This renewal deal with distributor Reesink Turfcare proves to be a cost-effective solution to replacing old machines while carefully managing expenses in the current climate.


Coming up on his 19th year next month with the parkland course at the heart of the Cotswolds, known for its treelined fairways, head greenkeeper Richard explains how when it came time to update equipment, a Toro lease deal was a great option for the club. He says: “We had six bits of equipment that were part of an aging fleet, some machines were up to 25 years old, and needed repairs. Eventually it ended up that we started thinking how can we buy new ones? When we went to Reesink Turfcare we were able to look at a lease deal. Instead of just replacing the six machines, with the lease we could get 16 new bits of kit.” 


Richard has followed in his predecessors’ footsteps in continuing to use Toro machines at the club with the addition of this new Toro fleet. He says: “We’ve always gone with Toro as a club. The person before me used Toro, and the person before him used Toro too. We were actually the first club in the country to use the GM3 back in the 1980s. We’ve just always kept using them. Every machine is designed for a job, and it does that job superbly. Toro machines are specialised in what they do, which is why they’re so good.”


As part of the renewal deal, Burford Golf Club has picked up two Greensmaster 3150-Q, two Greensmaster 3250-D, two Reelmaster 5610 fairway mowers with cabs, two Reelmaster 3100 cylinder mowers, two Greensmaster 3300 rotary mowers, two Sand Pro 2040Z rakes, two workman HDXD utility vehicles, a Pro Core 1298 Aerator and a Pro Pass 200 top dresser.


The ability to have so many new machines as part of the lease deal means a greater level of flexibility for the club. Richard says: “Having two of everything gives us a bit more flexibility. We can be working in different areas and not have to hinder the golfers and that’s always the most important thing.”


As part of the renewal, the club has also gained access to machines they have never used before. Richard claims that the Pro Core 1298 is his favourite, he says: “it is superb. We’ve been able to aerate all the fairways in three days. We use it on the tees, but you could also put it on the greens if you wanted to. We’ve never had that before.” The machine has articulating coring heads that ‘flex’ three degrees in each direction to maximise ground-following capability on undulations and ensure a consistent coring depth.


The deal was facilitated by The Big Mower Company and with so many new machines to get up and running, having the company’s support has been a huge help. Richard says: “The help from the Big Mower company and in particular Peter Bullock, Henry and Simon have been excellent. When we call them up, the person on the phone is great at helping us get the best out of the machines.”


Richard plans on using Toro to get the best finish on the course, but first the club is undergoing an exciting round of construction, says Richard: “We’re in the middle of installing PC drainage. We’ve done seven greens so far and are hoping to do about two more every year until they’re all done. We’re also levelling a lot of the tees, making some bigger while making others shorter as needed, and all that’s adapting to the handicap system. We’re also hoping to redo the bunkers. When we’re presenting the course, we’ll use the Toro machines­– they produce the best finish.


To talk to someone about how the Toro range could suit your course, call 01480 226800.