Autumn renovations made easy

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Autumn renovations are par for the course and Reesink Turfcare provides the chance to get ahead in the game with Toro and AgriMetal bringing the perfect solution with state-of-the-art aeration and leaf clearance equipment.

Renovation is an essential part of course maintenance; repairing damage from the summer, bolstering surfaces for the winter and keeping the course clear of leaves and debris is a demanding job, but it can be made easier with the right machinery.

Here’s where Reesink Turfcare steps in with a selection of machinery from some of the brands it distributes, as David Timms, national accounts manager, explains: “Autumn is crucial for repairing the damage done during summer, preparing the course so it can get through the winter without too much damage and is ready to go in the spring. We have what greenkeeping teams need to do that.”

Aeration work will be key. Relieving some of the compaction in the top surface and removing thatch, allowing the land to drain better and encouraging seed germination and grass growth, and as David says: “the best partner for that work is the Toro ProCore 648s, also widely known to be the most efficient pedestrian aerator on the market.”

It’s not only a fast worker with a 122cm aeration swath that lets it aerate up to 18 greens in seven hours, but its unique design with the wheel located in front of the aeration heads means operators can make pass after pass without running over cores or freshly aerated turf, preventing damage and making cleanup easier.


AgriMetal’s three attachments of varying horsepower can be attached to the back of a tractor and work in the worst of conditions without marking or compacting the turf.