10 years. 100% funded. Irrigation finance made easy with Reesink

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Reesink’s financial partner, Novuna, works directly with customers to create a tailored and affordable asset finance solution to provide the security of knowing that the repayments will give the business the ability to budget and plan without disrupting cash flow.


Features include funding up to 100 percent of the project costs, transparency and support from a team who take the time to understand the business’ needs over a 10 year term, unique to Reesink and longer than the usual asset lending period.

Robert Jackson, division manager for Reesink Hydro-Scapes, says: “Responsible irrigation has never been more relevant, sustainability under pressure from ever-increasing temperatures and unpredictable seasons, or the pressure so noticeable to address old, inefficient systems. But it’s a big financial outlay and amid a cost-of-living crisis affecting businesses too, many may be thinking about how they can get the numbers to work to embark on one of the most expensive projects a club is likely to undertake.


“Buying irrigation on finance takes away two of the biggest headaches we find exist for those embarking on an irrigation installation: it means the full installation customers need is much sooner and there is a smaller upfront capital outlay.


“Anyone who has gone through the process will know that choosing and installing an irrigation system can be a lengthy one, phasing installations over years. Removing the headache that comes with financing the project means that you’re making the decision-making process a lot simpler and quicker and there is no need to phase in,” Robert says.


There are two ways for a business to purchase an irrigation system with Reesink on finance – it’s either leased or hired (hire purchase). Both are fixed costs and will not change during the life of the agreement, which makes accurate budgeting far easier.


Robert discusses the ease of the scheme: “Unlike an outright purchase, asset finance lets you pay for your irrigation system in monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments, and with Reesink no minimum deposit is required – the first instalment is paid on signing. This helps customers spread the cost even further, while also demonstrating full confidence in a Toro installation and its backup support.”


As the first distributor in the UK to offer Reesink customers fixed term finance on its irrigation products, it has the most years of experience in this arena, making it the perfect partner to work with to keep businesses moving forward in 2023. So don’t get bogged down in the numbers, just call Reesink on 01480 226800, email info@reesinkturfcare.co.uk, or visit reesinkturfcare.co.uk