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Leading the way with the latest technology in turfcare, Toro’s myTurf Pro fleet management software program is proving to be a popular addition at UK golf clubs across the country.

This is the newest post. A powerful, easy-to-use software application that tracks and manages all of a club’s assets, myTurf Pro’s real-time data helps improve staff efficiency, lengthen the life of equipment and reduce overall maintenance costs.

So it’s no wonder word is spreading about the software which automatically logs information about all machines in operation at the club meaning greenkeepers can track data for their Toro or non-Toro equipment, order parts, schedule services, and gain access to information such as parts and service manuals. And so far, it has not failed to impress.

Neil Mcloughlin, course manager at Deeside Golf Club, says that having myTurf Pro has made a “real difference” at the club: “We have a full fleet of Toro machines at Deeside. Being able to log everything from scheduled maintenance to our inventory, all in the same place, is incredibly useful. Plus with service and parts manuals accessible as well, all the information that I might need is just a click away.”

Designed to make a difficult job easier, having everything at your fingertips has shown to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of greenkeeping fleet management. Something Andrew Airlie, mechanic at The Royal Automobile Club, wholeheartedly agrees with.

“It gives you easy access to everything you need, which has made a huge difference,” he says. “For example, we used to spend endless amounts of time logging the hours on machines manually, but with myTurf Pro, it submits the data in real-time via wireless internet connection. Now we spend less time logging data and more time focusing on maintaining the machines to a high standard.”

As well as providing information and logging data automatically, myTurf Pro also sends notifications when a machine needs servicing, which has been a “huge help”, says Neil Corley, head mechanic at The Grove Golf Club.

“We used to do all of our servicing at the end of the year. But with myTurf Pro, it notifies you when machines in your fleet need to be serviced,” explains Neil. “Now, our servicing is spaced out across the year which is great. It means we can take preventative measures, rather than trying to fix bigger problems which is often harder to do and more expensive. We can spread out our budget throughout the year, which helps us financially.”

He continues: “The software is so simple to use, and it’s made it easier to stay on top of everything. Now that we have myTurf Pro, I don’t think we can manage without it.”

With its many features created to help with the maintenance of greenkeeping machinery, regardless of brand, the myTurf Pro software is becoming a fast favourite for UK greenkeepers.

Toro Fleet at Deeside golf club.


Manage all assets

myTurf Pro allows you to seamlessly track and oversee asset inventory for one or more locations. And there’s no limit to what you can track, from equipment, irrigation and attachments, to vehicles, hand tools and more.

Up-to-date reference materials

Access model and serial specific master parts viewer, operator and service manuals and product training for Toro products and turn on notifications for new service bulletins from Toro customer care. You can also upload and access files linked to your Toro and non-Toro assets.

Schedule maintenance and manage repairs

Get automated maintenance notifications driven by customisable maintenance schedules, manage technician labour assignments and monitor work progress. And if you need advanced maintenance or repairs, you can request and track service from Reesink Turfcare.

Order, manage and optimise inventory

Use myTurf Pro to order Toro equipment and irrigation parts online, available 24/7. Receive customised order quantity recommendations based on inventory levels and machinery maintenance that’s due.

Run reports

Make more data-driven decisions with the ability to run reports on your machinery. You can track the total cost of ownership, depreciation, maintenance and operating expenses so you know the real value of your machinery and its expected lifetime. Access detailed asset history of preventive maintenance and repairs, with an intuitive supervisor dashboard that highlights where action is needed.

Backed by Toro NSN technical support

From the best in the industry, and with over 4,700 customers globally, Toro NSN provides unmatched customer support by phone, email or chat for Toro Lynx irrigation control systems, Toro GeoLink precision spray system and the myTurf Pro asset management system.