Specialist spotlight: Lee Rowbotham

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Since leaving school at 16, Lee Rowbotham, service manager at Reesink Turfcare, has had an education in all things turf. Before joining us in 2011, he worked as a course mechanic in the golf industry. This hands-on technical experience would go on to inform work with Toro and – some years later – Reesink.

What does it mean to be a service manager at Reesink?

As a service manager, my responsibility is to deliver technical support and training to our dealer network and direct areas. I look after a team of five – from warranty experts to our on-site training specialist. As a team, our job is to offer aftermarket support to our dealers and, sometimes, end users, getting them accustomed to the latest turfcare technology.

How has the turfcare industry changed since you first started as a golf course mechanic?

When it comes down to the machinery, though the equipment’s changed significantly, the fundamentals haven’t. Mowers still need to be set before cutting; they still need servicing at regular intervals; and they still need configuring by skilled technicians.

But the industry’s smarter now. Today, for instance, I can log into a GeoLink sprayer over in Ireland, see how it’s working, and interact with it – which simply wasn’t possible when I first joined the industry in 1994. Even in the last 12 months or so, there’s been a push for more digital products like Toro’s GeoLink and myTurf Pro, because customers want data – tangible machine data that they can use to improve and optimise operations.

So, for us, a big challenge at the moment is helping our dealers embrace this exciting new technology and educating them on the benefits it can offer.