Redefining turfcare with Toro’s HyperCell technology

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Just a decade ago, it was hard to imagine the benefits of noiseless and long-lasting battery-powered machines with the robust performance of diesel engines, especially for turfcare. 

But, with its new HyperCell technology, Toro has combined the best of both worlds, revolutionising the way professionals approach turfcare.

Toro Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370 electric ride on mower on the greens at Royal Troon ahead of The Open 2024.
Electric power is trusted to deliver the quality of cut and level of work demanded by a global event. Here is the Toro Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370 electric ride on mower on the greens at Royal Troon ahead of The Open 2024.

Pushing the limits 

Today, electric energy is setting new standards for both convenience and productivity. We’re seeing electric power trusted and used year on year to handle the demands of producing the quality of cut and level of work demanded by a global event such as The Open – Toro Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370 ride-on and Greensmaster e1021 pedestrian mowers were used in both The Open at Royal Liverpool in 2023 and at Royal Troon in 2024.

But what makes Toro trustworthy and one of a kind, exactly? 

The Toro advantage

When defining a market leader, it’s rarely possible to point the finger at a single groundbreaking quality. It’s more about the unique blend of innovation and know-how that have been obtained through unrelenting research initiatives.

Once again, Toro’s R&D efforts blazed a trail. Its new HyperCell battery was engineered to deal with the challenges of a new world and power a cutting-edge line-up.  

And what’s best, these machines are equal to their diesel counterparts in all respects — boasting instant power, intuitive handling, and greater control of blade tip speed to ensure the best quality of cut, powered by electric drive motors. 

Here are some of the features that make this technology so impressive. 

1 All-day runtime

With a duration of up to nine hours, Toro’s batteries were developed to keep the real world in mind – the idea is that your machine should outlast the daylight and long workdays. And longer runtime means fewer interruptions and more productivity. 

The HyperCell design was specifically built to meet the demands of commercial use and optimised for longer runtime and greater battery life cycle. Delivering 2.3kWh per pack and running cooler to save energy to boost productivity and extend runtime and battery life cycle.

Moreover, these batteries communicate with each other through an integrated Battery Management System (BMS) to smartly place a priority on efficiency and duration.

2 As powerful as they come

The HyperCell battery cells were designed without compromising on performance. 

Choosing the same innovative technology used by top automakers, Toro ensures the big-block power and reliability you’d expect from petrol/diesel. 

This highly efficient system allows your cutting deck to exert a remarkable force and withstand tough mowing conditions.

Toro eFlex 1021 at Royal Liverpool
Toro eFlex 1021 lithium-ion battery-powered pedestrian greensmower was chosen by links manager James Bledge as some of the best carbon-neutral machinery options available for The Open 2023.

Toro’s patent-pending battery design and distributed Battery Management System (BMS) are engineered to reduce the risk of accidental shock by de-energising them by default. This also helps regulate the battery charge, discharge and temperature which helps prolong the life of the battery.

The Battery Management System (BMS) optimises battery performance to enhance reliability, and because the BMS is integrated, HyperCell batteries communicate with each other to place a priority on efficiency and extended life.

3 Quiet power

Upcoming laws regulating CO2 and noise emissions could restrain the operations of traditional machines at many clubs. Circumventing these limits in a sustainable way has never been more important. Against this backdrop, Toro is leading the way as always, pushing research forward and applying new technologies to some of the most advanced products in the market. 

Powerful equipment has traditionally been associated with loud noise — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Without needing an internal combustion engine, machines powered by Toro’s HyperCell technology can be extremely quiet. 

More importantly, the noiseless performance of these batteries (three times quieter than diesel engines) empowers you to boost productivity by starting earlier and ending later. It also enables you to mow in communities and areas where loud noises are regulated.

4 The green choice 

As climate change threatens our ecosystem, sustainability becomes increasingly important.

Luckily, Toro’s HyperCell technology generates no engine exhaust emissions at all. This allows you to work even in locations with strict pollution regulations—and you’ll be ahead of the curve if new restrictions are implemented. 

Thus electric power can be another way to future-proof your investment.  

5 A technology you can trust 

The new HyperCell technology was designed with a focus on quality and reliability. 

Toro is so confident in its achievements that the company validated its battery design through a third-party testing provider. 

The patent-pending HyperCell technology is engineered to prolong battery life by regulating charge, discharge and temperature and each battery provides diagnostic information through the intelligent BMS software to place the knowledge at your fingertips. 

6 A durable alternative 

Forget repetitive (and potentially disrupting) valve adjustments, oil changes and air filter management. The new HyperCell technology was engineered for minimum maintenance and maximum longevity. Aligning with Toro’s rigorous standards, every unit must pass comprehensive environment and UL testing, while the BMS battery optimisation improves overall reliability.

A never-ending journey

Toro’s foray into the electric side of things began in 2010 with the Greensmaster eFlex 21, the first lithium-ion battery-driven greens mower. From then on, the company made a constant effort to deliver innovative solutions for a world that’s always changing. 

Through its unwavering R&D efforts and continuous improvements of electric models, Toro proved its commitment to a greener turfcare sector. The result? Today, Toro is the undisputed market leader in its industry when it comes to sustainable technology.

From hybrid to all-electric, whatever option you need when cutting grounds, greens, tees and fairways as well as for general maintenance, Toro has your back. 

Learn more about its wide product selection and how Reesink can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.