Five reasons why you should invest in Toro’s Geolink system

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Inside Toro’s GeoLink system

For those already using GeoLink technology, the GPS-tracked precision spraying system developed by Toro needs no introduction.

But for those working in turfcare or landscaping, who are either still on the fence about adopting the system, or haven’t heard of it all together, here are five reasons why you should consider investing in GeoLink – the industry’s first turf-based precision spray system.

1. The most advanced spraying system on the market

With GeoLink technology, Toro’s existing range of market-leading turf sprayers level up. By monitoring the area sprayed, speed of vehicle, and total volume of material sprayed, it offers customers unrivalled precision and accuracy with real-time autonomous adjustments.

Despite being advanced, spraying protocols have never been easier, thanks to a rainproof, touchscreen display. So, whatever the weather, you’ll always get the job done.

With enhanced GPS functionality, moreover, GeoLink ensures repeatable applications to within one centimetre of set parameters when configured with Real Time Kinematic (RTK) correction. That’s about as precise as it gets.

2. You’ll never have to worry about overspraying

As GeoLink provides advanced, real-time GPS tracking with a Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), the risk of overspraying and, potentially damaging, turf is eliminated.

Thanks to its autonomous functionality, GeoLink has the power to turn spraying nozzles on and off, limiting the potential for human error. In short, it knows which section of turf’s been sprayed and which hasn’t.

That means no more overlaps, gaps, or overspraying, saving time and money. GeoLink not only makes a challenging job easier, it also helps to narrow the skills gap, meaning the operator doesn’t need to be highly experienced to achieve top results.


3. GeoLink saves time, money, and water

Informed by hundreds of hours of customer input, GeoLink marks a leap forward in turf spraying technology, with each element being engineered for total, pinpoint control. One of the reasons why GeoLink marks such a development is because it’s been designed with turfcare in mind – rather than farming or agriculture.

GeoLink knows about multiple inclusion zones, spraying rates, and how much chemical is needed for a specific job, making savings on every front from time, water, and money. And, because job data is saved for future applications, a job only needs to be mapped out once – the machine will then know what it’s doing next time, regardless of how complex the course.

With the addition of a GPS-guided AutoSteer (AS) function, moreover, the chance of operator error is rendered null. Full boom utilisation and an onboard nudge feature ensure turf is fully covered and that any wear from travel is minimised. So that’s less overlap and less overtime.

4. Protects investments and secures reputations

GeoLink provides dependable and repeatable course operations, which is essential in the turfcare industry, as golf courses and other sports grounds need consistent conditions for professionals to play on. And the stakes are high – reputations rise and fall depending on the quality of the turf.

Since comprehensive chemical application is critical to the health and quality of the turf, applying the right amount with GeoLink not only safeguards the investment made from both a time and cost perspective, it safeguards reputations, too.

5. Keep the savings coming with accurate reporting

When the job’s done, GeoLink also offers accurate reporting, which can be downloaded for analysis. By keeping a detailed record of chemical and water use, there is more potential for efficiency gains and applicator savings. It also makes the next run just that bit easier.

GeoLink is currently available for use with the Toro Multi Pro 5800-D (AS also available with this model) and 1750. If you’d like to learn more, we’d love to hear from you.


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