Five reasons why you should be using myTurf Pro

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The advanced asset management tool to help you save money and maximise outputs

For turfcare professionals, efficiency is king. Now more than ever, course managers and groundskeepers will be looking at ways to save money and maximise outputs – whether that’s converting to a highly efficient electric fleet or simply avoiding costly repairs with regular maintenance and servicing

What is myTurf Pro?

In short, myTurf Pro is an advanced asset management tool for equipment and parts – regardless of their brand. The software was developed by turfcare leader Toro over the course of a decade.

The result? A powerful yet easy-to-use web-based application that tracks and manages all your assets, so whether you’re in the main office working from a desktop or on the twelfth hole with just a smartphone, you’ll have all the tools you need to manage your entire fleet.

In an industry like turfcare, a good fleet management system is more than just a want. If you want to free up more time to care for your turf and wow players and spectators alike, then it’s a need.

What is the difference between myTurf and myTurf Pro?

Toro offers two plans for myTurf: a standard, free version and a Pro subscription, which we’ll cover in this article as it includes more sophisticated reporting, enhanced technical support.

These added features will help you maximise productivity, streamline operations, and elevate your team’s overall efficiency and day-to-day performance.

With additional Toro hardware, moreover, including Toro Wireless Hour Metres, which connect to each machine, and a BaseStation for them to talk to, myTurf Pro  tracks your fleet operations in real-time and updates automatically.

Who is myTurf suitable for?

Toro’s standard myTurf software is suitable for a range of turfcare and turf management professionals, including those working in groundscare, sports such as golf and football, local authorities and greenspace management, as well as landscaping contractors.

However, myTurf Pro is best suited for those who want the most accurate data, tracking performance, and added features such as reports and maintenance schedules. We’ll cover these and more in our five reasons why you should be using myTurf Pro in 2024.

Why should I be using myTurf Pro?

1. Everything. Everywhere. All in one place.

With myTurf Pro, turf management is made simple. The software acts as a central, all in one hub for tracking and maintenance logs.

So, whether you work with Toro or another brand, in one location or several, myTurf Pro streamlines your workload.

We’ve seen particular success with the platform, which is available now through Reesink Turfcare, at football clubs and larger golf courses, where multiple fleets operate across multiple areas (a training ground and stadium, for instance).

In settings such as these, myTurf Pro provides grounds teams and course managers with huge time-savings, since there’s no need to physically travel to track equipment. At once, it offers you full traceability and accountability, which is a must for turf management professionals who have a number of staff working with them.

2. Maintenance and inventory management made simple

Another benefit of myTurf Pro is that it allows users to effortlessly schedule those routine maintenance tasks that can sometimes fall by the wayside.

We’ve all been there – jobs need completing, and you just want to get the work done. An unassuming routine maintenance task like checking tyre pressures or the torque of wheel nuts can sometimes feel like it’s just slowing you down. But, in reality, avoiding it is only going to lead to greater downtime in the long run.

By staying proactive with preventative maintenance, turfcare professionals not only guarantee peak performance throughout the season, but they can also extend the lifespan of their equipment, avoiding unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

And with myTurf Pro, once you’ve inputted a machine’s serial number or scanned its QR code (located on the serial plate), the software will populate a full maintenance schedule for that machine, down to a daily checklist, alerting you about any upcoming maintenance needs.

Should you need spare parts or extra supplies, myTurf Pro has an innovative inventory management capability and automated reordering processes, which means no more delays because a part is suddenly out-of-stock. With myTurf Pro, you’re covered round the clock.

3. Total tracking and ready-made reports give you full control

With myTurf Pro, turfcare professionals benefit from optimised scheduling and resource allocation, providing enhanced visibility for equipment utilisation, so you can be strategic with your planning.

Off the back of this data, myTurf Pro offers a suite of advanced reporting features, helping you generate reports on multiple parameters – like equipment performance, maintenance history, and fuel consumption – which means you’re always going to be making decisions backed by data.

Data insights are important when discussing reordering machines and presenting a case to the board or committee since you’ll have the figures to back your requests up. You’ll also be able to calculate the total cost of ownership for each linked machine, giving you a 360 vantage point on your investments.

4. Streamline servicing to free up more of your time

From the same vantage point, it’s possible to enjoy the convenience of submitting service requests directly within the platform. You’ll also be able to track a service or repair status in real-time.

This means less time on the phone with mechanics and more time getting on with work, optimising your overall turfcare schedule.

5. Access to the latest training and certifications for turfcare

Though designed with ease of use in mind, myTurf Pro also includes a dedicated training and support section with educational videos, so you’ll get the most out of the software. If you’re still on the fence about usability, then don’t worry, we offer a demo for customers, including hardware, where you can use myTurf Pro on a trial basis and see if it’s the right fit for you.

By leveraging real-time data to help managers pinpoint areas for efficiency gains, Toro’s smart but easy to use software can quickly pay for itself – and then some.