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Balancing maintenance costs, keeping up to date with evolving technology and increasing productivity: getting the most out of your machinery is a challenge every club faces. Identifying the best approach for your business can be difficult, but an ever-increasing number are finding maintenance service plans are the answer to receiving the best value long-term.

Turfcare is all about fine margins. To achieve the best results on the turf, you need the best equipment. And while a large investment, few clubs would question paying a premium upfront to achieve the desired results – though many are, understandably, less enthused at the slightly more unpredictable expenditure of maintenance costs. Some try to avoid maintenance unless essential, but this reactive rather than preventative approach can inadvertently cause far greater hidden expense.

Slight drops in equipment efficiency can amount to large drops in productivity over time, and the longevity of machinery is reduced when regular upkeep falls to the wayside. Why invest in the highest quality equipment only to avoid protecting that investment?

Maintenance is key to getting the most out of your machinery, allowing your team to operate at the highest level. Service plans can guarantee regular upkeep, improving the efficiency and performance of equipment.

Peter Clarke, service manager at Reesink Sheffield Park, has seen an increasing uptake of clubs investing in maintenance service schemes; the scheme offered by Reesink, ReeAssure, is proving increasingly popular with many customers and vital to others.

Peter, who has worked at Reesink for a decade and supports customers in the South East, works with a team of six technicians, coordinating effectively with other departments in the branch to provide the best service possible to customers. He explains how clubs are leaning on the ReeAssure service more, and why customers are seeing the value in choosing Reesink’s service plans.

“More clubs are seeing the value in a top service plan, and the number taking advantage of our ReeAssure Gold scheme is growing all the time. It gives customers complete peace of mind.” The ReeAssure scheme offers a bronze, silver and gold plan, with different levels of coverage available to fit the requirements of any club. ReeAssure gold is the most comprehensive – and popular – plan, providing unlimited visits, covering all breakdown and call-out costs (including Toro genuine parts) and extending machine warranty from two years to five.

Peter notes that customers with ReeAssure gold suffer fewer breakdowns than others – regular servicing keeps equipment working at optimal levels, and helps avoid a complete halt to operations.

“You certainly notice, particularly with our gold level service contract, that breakdowns have decreased for customers on the service plan. We control the maintenance schedule to an extent, contacting customers when their equipment needs servicing rather than the other way around.”

Many customers would only see us once a year for servicing, but with the service contract, we visit four times a year, not including additional unplanned visits. We know what’s best for the machinery, so regular visits help us to keep the equipment operating at the highest level. Clubs don’t have to worry about anything except what they need to do on the course. We handle the servicing, repairs and breakdowns – clubs feel safe in the knowledge that we’re protecting their investment.

Cost is always a consideration with servicing and repairs; when planning for the year, clubs are looking for the best value and to reduce unnecessary expenditure. Regular maintenance increases equipment longevity and maximises performance, which is a hidden cost saving, but some of the financial benefits are more overt.

Peter suggests that decreasing costs is a motivator for customers on service plans, “For a lot of these clubs, it’s a money saver. It’s a controlled cost each month, so they don’t have to worry about sudden large invoices or highly fluctuating expenses. A known cost is easier to plan for. If you need to call on us several times in a single month it’s not an issue – you know you’re covered by the plan, so no additional expense.”

For smaller clubs in particular, ReeAssure can make a huge difference. Peter explains, “Not needing to employ an in-house mechanic is another saving. We become almost an extension of your team; you can rely on us for all servicing and repairs, so save on the cost of employing someone to do that work.”

Having the experts at your beck and call means your equipment gets the best service possible. As technology rapidly evolves and with hybrid and electric machinery on the rise, having an expert team available to cover gaps, providing in-house knowledge is vital.

We are relied upon more, certainly. It’s an area that changes so quickly – for a small in-house team, it can be challenging to keep up. We’re continuously improving our training knowledge and keeping up to date with the latest tech, so that we can better support clubs and provide the services they need.

Reesink’s ReeAssure scheme provides excellent value for many clubs, as evidenced by the increase in customers taking advantage of the plans. A service plan can reduce costs throughout the year, and keep your equipment performing at its best long-term. With ReeAssure, we become an extension of your team, supporting your club year-round with the highest level of service, and giving you complete peace of mind.

“More clubs are seeing the value in a top service plan, and the number taking advantage of our ReeAssure Gold scheme is growing all the time. It gives customers complete peace of mind.”