Tractor proves itself at training ground and now at stadium

Elland Road, home of Leeds United Football Club, has been using TYM at its training grounds since 2017 and has now chosen the tractor brand for the stadium too.

And the reason for that is TYM has proven itself to bring a high-quality performance and deliver the results required across both surfaces says head groundsman, Kiel Barrett.

"Thanks to the range of tractors available, we’ve found models to suit the surfaces at both the stadium and the training grounds which are very different despite being the same length and width."

From left: Reesink’s TYM sales manager Steven Haynes, Leeds United’s head groundsman Kiel Barrett, Reesink’s regional manager Mike Turnbull and Russell Groundcare’s Ian Waddington.

It all started in 2017 with the arrival of the T503 at the training ground: "The T503 has delivered over and above expectations and worked brilliantly for our annual renovation work at the training ground as well as for topdressing and stripping turf off. It’s a really reliable workhorse."

With such an assured performance it made sense to invest in TYM again for Elland Road, but with such different requirements at the stadium Kiel requested a demonstration from local dealer Russell Groundcare who brought the mid-duty T393 for Kiel and the team to trial.

Kiel says: "The demonstration proved the T393 could deliver the same quality of work at Elland Road, although in less heavy-duty roles. Its user-friendly operation really impressed me as well as the cab, which is really comfortable to work in. It’s a productive all-rounder and we use it to help move equipment, carry out drainage, aeration and spraying."

The T393 is the perfect addition to the stadium’s maintenance fleet. Like the T503 at the training ground, the T393 is a huge improvement from the previous equipment we were using and we can really tell the difference.

Kiel Barrett

Head groundsman

Since having the machine, Kiel has not been disappointed: "In terms of a compact tractor range, TYM is one of the best around and I foresee that in the coming years it’s going to be seen more and more across the grounds industry," Kiel says. "That’s what happens with a range that delivers innovation, reliability and value for money. Plus, it has the benefit of Reesink as its distributor who I trust to provide high-quality products. That’s why we have Toro machines and irrigation as well."

The T393 is a “productive all-rounder” being used at Elland Road to help move equipment, carry out drainage, aeration and spraying.


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