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Too often, we talk about how important it is to have a good quality mower and forget that, just as important as the mower, are the parts you put in it. Now, with grass growth fast and furious, is the time to be vigilant and ensure rotary blades are sharp and ready to deliver the best cut possible.

Spring sees groundsmen tackle large areas of grass much more frequently than other times of the year; activity that can quickly dull rotary blades. Here we look at how to prevent unnecessary downtime and out-of-action machines, with maintenance and parts stock.

Michael Hampton

Reesink Turfcare's parts manager

Maintenance best practice includes checking all blades to ensure they are not twisted or bent as they require more horsepower to operate, damage the turf, create vibration and noise, and shorten spindle life.

Michael comments: "To stay on top of maintenance while mowers are being used more regularly, I highly recommend Toro Groundsmaster customers stock up on replacement rotary blades now, rather than waiting until there is an issue. In order to prevent damage to your machine and ensure operator safety, when signs of wear are identified, the blade must be replaced immediately – making on-hand spares extremely useful."

Toro’s precisely engineered blades are carefully crafted to specific turf needs. Best suited to a grounds environment would be the ‘No Sail’ (flat) blade as its particularly effective in very dry and dusty conditions and for areas that are not mowed as regularly, these blades make quick work of cutting down weeds. And the ‘Atomic Sail’ which works particularly well later in the season for mulching up leaves or for use with a recycling deck to further mulch the grass.

If councils or landscape contractors don’t have sufficient stock or aren’t visually inspecting their blades frequently, the situation can quickly lead to serious issues during spring and summer, when footfall and the use of grounds increases.

Choosing blades produced by the manufacturer of your machine is recommended, as is "choosing blades with a toughened steel microstructure to improve wear resistance", says Michael. "Choosing a generic blade that is not precisely manufactured for the mower may result in poor quality of cut due to incorrect blade angle and height."

Genuine Toro rotary blades are designed to work harder for longer, reducing the risk of unexpected wear and breakages other non-genuine parts can suffer. As they will not need replacing as often as will-fit parts, mowers will be operational for longer, with less downtime.

To find out more or place on order, contact Reesink’s parts department on 01480 226870.


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