From left to right: Reesink's Pete Newton, Water Garden Ltd's managing director Andy Staves and staff members Jack Wooler and James Leow.

Otterbine contractor of
the year of the first water


Water Garden Ltd has been named as the Otterbine Contractor of the Year.

Pete Newton, national sales representative for Otterbine, says: "Water Garden Ltd achieved the highest Otterbine sales figures for 2018 and struck a good balance between offering expert advice and technical know-how through its Portsmouth showroom, as well as having an easy to use website full of product information and images. Add to this the fact that Otterbine is easy to install makes it a winning combination for customers."

Plus, the Water Garden Ltd team has recently benefitted from Otterbine water management and product training courses, adding to the company’s extensive knowledge of the brand. Andy Staves, managing director of Water Garden Ltd, says: “We were delighted to hear we’d won the award as the whole team has been working really hard this last year. We pride ourselves on having an expert group of staff who have a deep technical understanding of all the products we deal with. Customers can trust we know what we’re talking about and having quality products to back that up is vital.

We don’t deal with the cheap and cheerful, we want the best, which is why Otterbine is the principle supplier for our aerating fountains. Anything else simply doesn’t come close to the quality they offer.

Andy Staves

Managing director, Water Garden Ltd

Andy goes on to say that back up and support provided is invaluable: "We have a really close relationship with Reesink and Otterbine, in particular Reg Varney, the international region manager, who’s really helpful. Any issues we’ve had, they’ve been tackled head on without hesitation, and resolved quickly, allowing us to give the best possible service to our customers. It’s imperative we get the support we need, when we need it, and that’s what Otterbine and Reesink provide."

It's great to hear that Water Garden Ltd has benefitted from our back up and support. We aim to support our contractors in any way we can, it’s all about teamwork.

Peter Newton

Toro Irrigation and Otterbine field sales manager

With such a successful year for the company, it's hard to reflect upon just one stand out moment says Andy: "We've had so many great installations this year, particularly with the larger fountains. We have a lot of customers who want not only quality water aeration but also stunning visual centrepieces for their golf course, private estate or wedding venue. Everyone has been delighted with the results – we haven’t had a single complaint, and we intend to keep it that way."

Water Garden Ltd is incredibly deserving of this year’s award. It is a delight to work with them and particularly rewarding to work with a company who recognises the importance of quality products and who has expert knowledge in the industry. We hope our close partnership continues for many years to come.

Peter Newton

Toro Irrigation and Otterbine field sales manager


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