The Toro Outcross combines the benefits of a tractor and a UTV and can perform a host of jobs for sporting, educational and leisure establishments. Shod on turf tyres and featuring four-wheel steer, the Toro Outcross treads gently on pitches.



Toro Outcross 9060 By Jane Carley

The Toro Outcross 9060 broke cover at SALTEX and drew crowds with its unusual appearance. With a long bonnet and fore end loader out front, plus a rear three-point linkage and pto, but with two seats in the cab – is it a tractor or a UTV? In fact, it combines the best of both. Jane Carley takes a test drive at Radley College.

First impressions

The Outcross was handy and easy to manoeuvre around the machinery buildings to load materials and nippy when travelling around the extensive grounds. The wintry conditions highlighted the gentle tread on fine turf when driving around the pitches and golf course. The speed of dropping off the loader and fitting attachments would be an obvious benefit for this type of operation.

Jane Carley

"Powered by a 59hp Yanmar liquid cooled engine, the Outcross has a two-range hydrostatic transmission, so it is easy to drive for anyone used to a UTV or compact tractor. A shuttle lever makes for quick cycles when loading, and cruise control eases transport; eco mode controls the revs at each speed to save fuel and top speed is 21mph (33.8kph).

Operation is simple and intuitive: cruise control, shuttle shifting for clutch-free motion, a passenger seat and one-action controls add to the machine’s ease-of-use and efficiency.

"Having the bonnet outfront is a little disconcerting initially as the driver sits to one side of it rather than centrally as in a tractor, but the optional cab is spacious and offers good all-round visibility, with large steps and a grab handle for access, plus heating and air conditioning. The machine appears bulky, but four-wheel steer helps manoeuvrability in a tight yard and minimises scuffing when turning on turf – turning radius is 145cm. Electronically controlled four-wheel drive handles steep or wet ground with ease and ground clearance of 18cm should cope with rutty tracks.

The Toro Outcross combines the benefits of a tractor and a UTV and can perform a host of jobs for sporting, educational and leisure establishments.

"The loader has quick attachment for the choice of buckets and forks, and fitting it to the tractor is even simpler, using tool-free latches and an integrated parking frame.

"A really neat addition is an inching control for attaching implements. Using a wired remote control box which overrides the parking brake, the operator can manoeuvre the Outcross to hitch up to the attachment without jumping in and out of the cab; there’s also a pto control to line up the outlet to the implement shaft.

"Once you’ve got over the perception of the Outcross as ‘just’ a UTV, the possibilities are endless – this is a machine that could mow, spread fertiliser, spray, aerate, clear snow and ice…you could keep it busy 365 days a year.

"The best of both," says Jane Carley of the Outcross. Not only can the Outcross handle the jobs of both a super-utility vehicle and a tractor, it’s as easy to drive whether you're used to a UTV or compact tractor.

"The dash incorporates an LED display for operating information and to allow settings for up to 16 implements from an extensive menu including all current Toro products to be set and stored, including speeds, pto rpm etc.

"Weighing in at 2980kg with cab and loader, the Outcross offers a light tread on the standard turf tyres (agricultural-type tyres are an option), and punches above its weight with 1.13 tonne lift capacity on the cat II linkage and 7257kg drawbar towing capability; open centre hydraulics offer output of 54 litres/min. The loader will lift just under a tonne and has a maximum height of 2.72m to fill larger trailers and top dressers. Swap the standard 453kg capacity transport box for a 996 litre, 2 tonne cargo bed and you can move products delivered on a universal pallet.

"There are four specification packages available – the base model comes with a four-post ROPS, pto, drawbar and linkage. The second package comes with front loader and counterweight, and the third has a loader version with heated and air conditioned cab. You can also choose a cabbed model without the loader and there’s a road homologation kit option too.

"While there are cheaper options, the Outcross could perform a wide range of tasks for sports grounds and golf clubs, and where a second vehicle or tractor can be omitted, claw back some of that outlay straight away. With its loader and generous cargo capacity, it could even be a one machine solution for certain venues."

Reesink’s product operator Dean Rook said to Jane Carley on the day: "The Outcross can load materials, carry equipment, power implements and tow a trailer. It could avoid the need for a buggy to support a tractor, for example when doing jobs that require two men to carry out the operation and clear up debris, while it also offers extra load capacity for tools or materials. This is a machine that could be really useful for all types of groundcare operations."

Perfect for a sports maintenance environment. Outcross tested by Jane Carley at Radley College, with greatest thanks.


Engine: Yanmar 4-cylinder, direct injection, turbo-charged, liquid-cooled diesel engine

Fuel capacity: 53lts (14gal)


  • Standard: Front: 29.5 x 12.5 (6 ply) Rear: 32 x 16 (6-ply)
  • Standard with loader arms: Front: 29.5 x 12.5 (12-ply) Rear: 32 x 16 (6-ply)
  • Aggressive: Front: 29.5 x 12.5 (12-ply) Rear: 32.5 x 12.5 (10-ply)

Traction drive: 2-speed hydrostatic

PTO: Rear independent mechanical up to 540 rpm Power: 51hp (38kW)

Ground speed/clearance: Forward: 21mph (33.8km/h) Reverse: 20mph (32.2km/h) Ground clearance: 7ins (18cm)

Length: Front bumper to 3-point linkage: 161ins (409cm) Mounting plate to counter weight end: 202.5ins (514cm)

Width: With bed: 77ins (195cm)

Height: 98ins (249cm) with cab

Weight: 5160lbs (2340kg) with canopy


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