Machine Focus:

Versatile mowing from the LT3340

The Toro LT3340 heavy-duty triple mower is designed for jobs where high-productivity grass-cutting is needed. It gives a great finish thanks to its numerous blade configurations and commercial-specification cutting units in both 200mm (8 inch) and 250mm (10 inch) diameters.

The 200mm unit is available with four, six, eight or 10 blades and a floating head option for terrain where excellent contour following is essential and is particularly suited to finer applications such as sports pitches, playing fields and school grounds.

Ribston Hall, the privately-owned 17th-century mansion near Knaresborough, chose the 200mm unit and six blades, which is a good combination for finer cutting applications to cut 12 acres of formal lawns.

The larger 250mm version, which is available with four, six or eight blades, comes into its own mowing longer or dense grass, and can easily cut down grass 125mm (5 inch) or longer to less than 25mm (1 inch) in one pass.

Large diameter high-specification tyres, a robust rear-axle and superb levels of ground clearance mean the machine takes kerbs in its stride.

Huntingdon District Council bought four Toro LT3340s to tend the housing estates in St Ives, Huntingdon and St Neots.
The LT3340 is one of Toro's hardest working grounds mowers. Built to the highest specification to give the durability, strength and performance required to ensure productive, efficient mowing and a first-class finish, the LT3340 is perfect for a variety of applications, from municipal mowing in parks and road-side verges to other venues, such as caravan parks or schools and housing estates.

Alastair Rowell

Reesink national accounts manager for grounds


Engine: Kubota 4-cylinder 35hp indirect injection water cooled

Fuel capacity: Diesel fuelled, 37.8 litres provides a full day’s operation

Drive system: 4WD on demand

Transport speed: 0-15mph

Width of cut: 212cm

Cutting units: Heavy-duty Mk.3 200mm (8ins) or 250mm (10ins) reels

Transmission: 4WD hydrostatic with diff-lock

ROPS: 2-post folding ROPS frame fitted as standard

Weight: 1,325kg with cab

Warranty: Two-year limited warranty


Trust in Toro

Flexible and reliable fleet for award winner

John O’Conner credits flexible and reliable fleet for providing consistent service to customers, predominantly local authorities, across the country. And it’s not just the machines that are highly valued, but the service from Reesink as well.


Revisiting Radley

Time-saving Toro for expanding college

Four years ago Radley College welcomed a new Toro fleet to upkeep some of the most extensive and finest public school sporting facilities in the country. As these facilities expand we hear how Toro has performed during its tenure.


Relying on reliability

Council sees Toro bring "real improvement"

East Devon District Council invests in third Toro Groundsmaster 360 bringing "real improvement" with all eight teams across Devon noticing the difference thanks to its ability to perform and deliver no matter what the grounds environment.