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Jack Langley, Deputy Head Grounds person, Ashton Gate Stadium

Jack Langley is a perfect example of how starting young and working hard can see you progress through the ranks of the industry.

He has progressed from Assistant Grounds person to Deputy Head Grounds person at Ashton Gate Stadium, a multi-sport facility that acts as the home of Bristol City Football Club and Bristol Bears. Now he plans to use his experience to inspire other young people to join the sector.

Why did you decide to get involved with the GMA NextGen?

I wanted to push forward the grounds industry by getting younger people involved and challenging the status quo.

What’s your role on the board and what are your responsibilities?

I am part of the strategy and events team. Between us, we focus on where we want to take the industry and what events we can host to drive change.

What do you enjoy most about being involved?

I enjoy the collaboration between everyone; we are from all different corners of the industry and have different views and ideas on how we can work together to achieve our goals.

What do you most hope to achieve?

I hope to achieve a lasting legacy that will inspire generations of young people to consider a career in the grounds industry.

I’m looking forward to inspiring young people of all backgrounds and experience to consider the world of career opportunities available in the grounds management industry. The job satisfaction and the buzz I get on Match Day is incomparable and I want to be vocal in promoting that and the pride you get from producing pitches of the highest standard for professional sports.

Jack Langley Deputy Head Grounds person, Ashton Gate Stadium

Where do you work and what does that involve?

I work at Ashton Gate Stadium as deputy head groundsperson. My role is to ensure the playing surface is of the highest possible quality for all of our partner teams.

How did you get into the industry?

By chance, I applied for a job as an assistant grounds person with no prior experience and got the job! Then over the last six and a half years, I’ve worked my way up the ladder to the role I hold today.

What’s your advice to those thinking about a career in grounds?

Get your head down and work hard, put up with the challenges and eventually you will achieve!

What’s the best bit about working in the industry?

The people you meet along the way. I have worked with and met lots of great people in my time in the industry. I continue to enjoy the relationships that are built and the goals that we work towards as one big team.

Jack Langley at Schools into Stadia 2024 event