Pennard Golf Club has replaced its old irrigation system with Toro Lynx Control and Toro sprinklers.

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Recommendation seals the deal for Toro irrigation

With an irrigation system in desperate need of replacing, Pennard Golf Club opted for a combination of Toro Lynx Central Control and Toro sprinklers, based on multiple recommendations from within the industry.

Club manager Rhys Morgan explains: “Our previous irrigation system was nearly 40 years old and was suffering everything from leaks to electrical failures, so we needed a new system fast. Instead of spending time seeing different systems demonstrated, we opted for Toro based on multiple recommendations, and in particular from Royal Cinque Ports, who’d seen great results from Toro irrigation.”

As Toro comes recommended throughout the industry, we knew it would be a success.

Rhys Morgan

Club manager, Pennard Golf Club

The club was shocked at how quickly Toro irrigation provided results, says Rhys. “We knew that we would see an improvement, but we didn’t think it would happen so fast. The change to the course has been drastic, particularly to areas such as the approaches which weren’t irrigated previously. It’s almost unbelievable how quickly the course has changed, so it’s very exciting for us to think what the long term results will be.”

Our members hadn’t seen the course for a good couple of months and when they came back, they saw the full effect that Toro irrigation had made. They are all amazed by the difference!
Toro Lynx Central Control and Toro sprinklers make the ideal combination, and with Lynx, you can control your irrigation system anywhere, anytime.

The club is now benefitting from a combination of Toro Lynx Central Control and FLEX 34, 35, 55 and FLEX B sprinkler heads across the tees, greens and approaches.

“The installation began in November last year,” explains Rhys. “We appointed Roger Davey, a well-known independent irrigation consultant, as our project manager because we wanted to make sure we had the best expert advice.

“We’ve been making steady improvements to the course in recent years, and this new irrigation system is the cherry on top of the cake. With our 125th anniversary next year, Toro has come at just the right time to help make the course the best it’s ever been.”

Lakes and Greens was the successful installing contractor supported by Reesink Turfcare. Both have been fantastic the whole way through, and in particular Rob Jackson from Reesink. He’s always been on hand for any questions, and we know that even now after the installation has been completed, if we need any help from Reesink and Lakes and Greens they will be there.
Deputy greenskeeper Dean Thomas using Toro irrigation at Pennard Golf Club.

To talk to someone about Toro irrigation, call 01480 226800

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