Fairytale experience
from TYM tractor winner

Douglas and Alex Chalmers who run a 25-acre centre of wellbeing in Cumbria are so impressed with the T194 tractor, they’ve compared it to a fairytale: “It’s a bit like Goldilocks. Not too big, not too small, but just right.”

And having a tractor that’s “just right” is a big bonus for Learning Fields, the not-for-profit care farm based at Nag’s Head Farm in Cumbria, says Alex: “We provide educational and environmental opportunities for a wide range of people here at Learning Fields. Being able to observe and enjoy the countryside in a safe environment can be hugely beneficial for people’s physical and mental wellbeing and that’s why it’s important for us to have well-maintained land. Having a well-kept outdoor space for quiet reflection only enhances the benefits that nature provides.

“But with so much land here it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain. We have roughly 22 acres of grassland and three acres of woodland, so there’s lots of trimming that needs doing.”

Not only has the T194 proved useful, but its size is perfect for the terrain at Learning Fields, says Douglas: “It’s the perfect size really. Any bigger and it would be impractical as it wouldn’t be able to manoeuvre between the trees and any smaller and it wouldn’t have the power to work on our hilly and boggy areas.

“So far, it’s been doing a lot of trailer work, but now that the weather is drier it’s working a lot harder. We’ve got it grass harrowing and mowing among a host of other jobs. And everything we’ve wanted it to do, it’s done with no problems.”

But it’s not just its size which enhances the tractor's multifunctional capabilities that has impressed them. Its wide range of features have also been noticed, too, says Douglas: “Being able to switch the four-wheel drive on or off whenever you want is really useful, especially when you’re working in a more restricted space such as our woodland areas. It has a better turning circle and is less damaging to our grass than our big quad bike. It’s also very user-friendly and easy to operate, which is great.”

The T194 Douglas is using is part of a competition prize from Countryside magazine and it’s safe to say that he’s happy to have hold of the TYM T194 for a year – in fact, so much so that Douglas is not sure he wants to give it up! “I’ve never had a TYM tractor before, but it’s just a great piece of kit to have. Ideally once the year has finished, I’d like to be able to keep it!”

T194 Specification

  • – Engine: 19hp (14.2 kw) 3 cylinder Yanmar engine
  • – HST transmission
  • – Max travelling speed 7.8 mph (12.5 km/h)
  • – Hydrostatic steering
  • – Tight turning radius
  • – Independent PTO function
  • – 499kg rear hydraulic lift capacity
  • – Lightweight
  • – Complete with 54ins mid mounted mower

To talk to someone about the suitability of TYM tractors for your gardens or parklands call 01480 226800

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