Reesink’s Cevan Edwards, left, with JCB Golf and Country Club’s Rob Brinkley.

Irrigation Solutions

Irrigation technical support
goes above and beyond

JCB Golf and Country Club benefits from Reesink Turfcare training and support

With a Toro irrigation install, additional site visits, detailed reports and training carried out by expert engineers comes at no extra cost, as JCB Golf and Country Club recently experienced first-hand.

The luxury course, opened in 2018, has been designed and built across 240 acres of countryside using industry-leading technology, including Toro Lynx Central Control and over 1000 Toro Infinity and T5 sprinklers.

The club’s irrigation installation was supported by Reesink providing expert training by Toro trained engineers, covering everything from sprinklers to controller training. Alongside this, Toro irrigation technicians made visits to the site every four to five weeks, supporting the contractor to ensure product satisfaction and that manufacturer guidelines were followed during installation. Detailed technical reports were provided throughout to keep track of the install and assistance with controller programming was also provided, giving the club complete peace of mind.

Rob Brinkley, irrigation technician at JCB Golf and Country Club, explains: “I first started at JCB four years ago and was appointed as the irrigation technician for the club. I was excited to learn something new as I didn’t have any irrigation experience.”

It was the training I had from Cevan Edwards at Reesink that gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed.

Rob Brinkley

Irrigation technician, JCB Golf and Country Club

“Cevan made several visits throughout the installation and after the system was fully operational, completely dedicating his time to my training as well as adapting to what I needed,” says Rob. “He talked me through how to use the computer system, how to test and find faults and how to carry out sprinkler maintenance. The whole experience was really positive, and I wouldn’t know half as much as I do now without him.”

Reesink’s Toro irrigation technical support team can help golf clubs with expert training, covering everything from sprinkler maintenance to controller programming.

Cevan Edwards, irrigation technical support at Reesink, adds: “My role is to support Toro irrigation customers in whatever way they need, for as long as they have Toro. We believe it’s incredibly important to provide proper education on how to use and maintain Toro irrigation, as this means customers can ensure their system stays in the best possible shape so it performs better for longer.”

We are completely dedicated to providing as much support as needed, so customers can be sure they’re getting the best possible advice and training.

Cevan Edwards

Irrigation technical support, Reesink

Rob continues: “We had absolutely no grass here when I started four years ago, and now the course looks amazing. Toro irrigation is just superb. It’s easy to use and the top access sprinklers are great - if we're ever on a tight schedule and I need to carry out sprinkler maintenance, I can get so much more done in a day than if I’d had to dig the heads out.”

Course manager Callum Wark adds: “Having such excellent support from Reesink has been fantastic. It’s been great to see how Rob has developed his skills and knowledge with the help of Cevan. It’s a real testament to Rob and his commitment, but also to Cevan and the fantastic customer service that Reesink provides.”

With continuous support and training from Reesink’s Toro irrigation technicians, JCB Golf and Country Club now has real peace of mind that its irrigation system will continue to perform to an excellent standard for years to come.

To talk to someone about Toro irrigation, call 01480 226800

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