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Inside Irrigation

Anyone who has gone through the process will know that choosing and installing an irrigation system can be a lengthy one and that’s only right considering the level of financial investment involved and the huge benefits of what a correctly specified system will bring to your course. Here we take decades of experience from the Reesink Hydro-Scapes team and bring you a buyer’s guide to help smooth the process.


The requirements

Pinpointing the exact requirements of your irrigation system at the start of the process will ensure the proposals and costings you receive fit your criteria.

You’ll need to consider the areas you need to irrigate, including greens, tees, fairways, surrounds, putting surfaces, landing areas, banks and other areas such as practice greens or landscaped areas around the club.

Considering how much and where the water is coming from is the most important consideration before you get started. Is it being sourced from mains water, a borehole, lake or river and does it need any special licensing to use it? If so, can you abstract the amounts of water you will need for the size of the system you want? Also, what is the quality of water available like and will that need treating before being applied to the turf?

It’s advised that before being put out to tender, course managers discuss all proposed requirements with a consultant whether irrigation or environmental. They will help you understand the process and recommend water amounts you will need for such a system.


Should I use an irrigation consultant?

You wouldn’t design a golf course without the input of a golf course architect and considering an irrigation system is one of the largest investments a golf club will make, you shouldn't design an irrigation system without the advice of an independent irrigation consultant.

Every course is different and a consultant can help you to design around your specific course requirements, considering agronomic conditions, water availability, ensuring health and safety compliance, preparing plans and contract documentation, and manage the project at hand.

Having an irrigation consultant on site will make choosing a contractor easier. Armed with a consultant’s expertise you can better analyse a contractor’s bid and ensure you’re getting the best price for the work.


Finding the right contractors

Selecting the right contractors to install your irrigation system is an important decision make sure to consider:

● Past golf course experience and depth of resource – you’ll need a contractor who can offer experience and trained personnel in installation and maintenance and machinery

● Warehouse facilities and support services for specialist equipment such as PC controllers

● The availability of the product they install

● The contractor’s financial ability to carry the contract through and ensure appropriate insurance coverage related to design and contracting

● The quality of workmanship from past installs using course visits and references from clubs who have used them

The good news is that with a Toro irrigation system you’ll also receive the full support of Reesink Hydro-Scapes along the way. Reesink’s Toro irrigation technicians provide support to contractors and customers ensuring that manufacturer guidelines are followed during installation for the ultimate in product satisfaction. Detailed technical reports can be provided to keep track of the install, provide assistance and deliver complete peace of mind.



A site survey should be taken before designing an irrigation system begins. It’s important to consider the type of playing surface as well as the size and proportions of the area. 

Irrigation design can change based on ground conditions, variations in elevation, watering windows, watercourses, wooded areas, roads and tracks as well as pumphouse and tank locations so all of these should be taken into consideration when designing the system.


What type of system?

You’ll also need to consider the type of the system – how is it going to be controlled? What are the priorities? For example, you can have a complete system renovation now or a system that allows you to upgrade over years. You can have a box-on-the-wall decoder or an interface that combines all essential data and intuitively presents the information you need. 

Toro Lynx Central Control System is the only control system for golf and irrigated sports venues available from Toro because, quite simply, no other is needed, Lynx can do everything. It brings all the technology you could ever need when it comes to irrigation, efficient, precise, intuitive control at your fingertips.



Which sprinklers? 

When it comes to sprinklers consider site specifics, for example, if the site is windy, trajectory settings can help with that. Easy access to the top of the sprinkler is a non-negotiable for many, in which case the SmartAccess feature is what you’re looking for. 

Reesink has a comprehensive collection from Toro. Your irrigation system is only as precise as the component that directly applies the water to the turf and Toro sprinklers are designed with exclusive features that deliver precision where it matters most — so you can apply water with unmatched control.


How to fund it? 

Installing a new irrigation system can be expensive and there are typically two routes of installation and payment. The first is completing the project in a single phase using a finance package to support the project, the second is to phase the installation which allows initial capital to be raised at a lower level.

Reesink offers a finance solution that offers 100 percent funding over 10 years. With financial partner Novuna, Reesink can work directly with customers to create a tailored and affordable asset finance solution that gives the business the ability to budget and plan without disrupting cash flow.

It includes funding of up to 100 percent of projected costs, transparency and support from a team who takes the time to understand your business’ needs over a 10 year term, giving you a top-of-the-line irrigation system to suit the specific requirement of your club.