14 Sep 2015

Toro fleet grows at Manchester United

Manchester United F.C. has seen its Toro fleet grow thanks to the arrival of a new Toro ProCore 648 and four Reelmaster 3100-D ride-on mowers. The new ProCore joins two others, making the Premier League club owners of three pedestrian aerators; one at the Old Trafford stadium the other two at the club’s practice grounds.

Tony Sinclair, Grounds Manager at Manchester United, says the ProCore is one of the most important tools he has at his disposal.

“What I like is the way in which the ProCore does such a precise, neat job with no heave. I would happily aerate with these just ahead of a game, the finish is so good,” he says.

“The ProCore 648s provide vital year-round aeration for us and have proven to be invaluable. We were the first Premiership Club to use these tools and now everyone has one. They are versatile and dependable. I would not want to be without them.”

Tony adds he and the club have been long-time Toro users, with the four new Reelmasters joining an existing model to bring his fleet up to five. All are used for pitch mowing, a clean, well-presented finish rating as a priority.

“The mowers deliver a fine, sharp finish and are easy to use and set up,” Tony says. “Toro mowers are robust and reliable and they have never let me down. We have bought these new mowers because we knew what we are going to get. High performance matched to high quality.

“To work every day with a team of dedicated groundsmen at Manchester United, caring for not just the stadium, but the academy and practice grounds too, is such a rewarding job.

“We have 23 pitches plus the stadium to look after and we take great pride in each and every one,” he adds. “We have high standards to maintain so expect the equipment we use to meet our needs. Toro provide reliability, high performance and a first class finish, which are our top priorities.”