19 May 2016

Save Up To 20 Percent With Toro's Essential MVP Filter Packs

Toro distributor Lely Turfcare is reminding customers that there is one easy way to save money and be prepared when it comes to machinery maintenance and repairs this summer.

Toro’s MVP Filter packs conveniently provide all the oil and air filters recommended for replacement during the first 400 to 500 hours of operation and are designed for specific Toro models providing the right filters come each maintenance interval. Plus, buying MVP packs can save up to 20 percent compared to buying the individual parts.

Michael Hampton, Lely’s turfcare parts manager, comments: “Toro MVP Filter packs are a prudent investment that makes it easy for operators to stay on top of scheduled maintenance. It is a good move to stock up to make sure machines operate at their full potential round the clock, keeping machinery performing consistently and constantly without the risk of extended downtime.”

Described as a veritable ‘packet of peace of mind’, Toro MVP Filter packs make routine air and oil filter maintenance easy and hassle-free and even provide instructions on when to carry out maintenance depending on the model and number of hours of use to avoid that easy temptation to run turf machinery harder and longer without proper maintenance.